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  1. highlands

    Phonak sky V70 sp hearing aids

    I have been wearing Phonak sky V70 sp hearing aids since saturday and I cannot use tcoil ear hooks . The audilogist cannot find a manual tcoil program. Any advice? My second issue, I cannot hear for an instant when I clap my hands, turn off the lights , use the stapler etc. Sounds don't sound...
  2. highlands

    Confused about a ci or keeping hearing aids?

    I've been wearing bilateral hearing aids since ten years before I had wore one aid for 17 years. I've worn two phonak naida V sp hearing aids since 2011. My major problem is speech perception. Although the amplification seems okay my speech perception is not good enough. I got hearing tests...
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    I'm engaged and counting down days

    I am engaged to the love of my life on march 30,2013 in a family meeting.The wedding ceremony hopefully is on october 19. I am happy and counting down days.
  4. highlands

    Phonak Icom users, your experience ?

    I am thinking of getting an Icom for my naida V sp . I need it for cell phone use . Although I will be getting telecoil earhooks , I assume an I com is better for phone use ? What is your experience on this if you use (or used ) icom ? Thanks in advance.
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    Telecoil neckloops or earhooks ?

    Do you use any neckloops or earhooks that transmit sounds to hearing aids via telecoil ? What's your experience? I ordered these
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    The professor and the sailor

    A Professor was traveling by boat. On his way he asked the sailor: “Do you know Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Geography, physiology? The sailor said no to all his questions. Professor: What the hell do you know on earth. You will die of illiteracy. After a while the boat started...
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    Test your frequency range

    Online Tone Generator - Simple, Free and Easy to Use. See what frequencies you can hear The site runs on firefox My result is 25 hz to 9000 hz
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    Earmolds make with wide open jaw

    I have had problem with my earmolds. I had earmolds made in so many different audilogists. I often have had feedback problems due to improrer earmolds, especially in my right ear. Someone who is an experienced audiologist suggested me to get earmold impression with wide open jaw. What is...
  9. highlands

    Real ear measurements and hearing aid fitting

    I was fitted with two naida V sp hearing aids a month ago. The audiologist didn't do a real ear measurement and I wasn't happy with the fitting. Sounds were low and weak. It felt as if naidas were useless. About a week ago , I went to another audiologist and she did real ear measurements before...
  10. highlands

    Naida V sp --- vented earmolds ?

    I have been wearing naida V sp hearing aids since one month. My ear molds have tiny vents. My loss is around 80-90 decibels. What are advantages or disadvantages of vented earmolds? More feedback problems ? Would I get more benefit from naida V sps if I wear earmolds without vents...
  11. highlands

    Hearing aid dryer and filter replacing for Naida V sp ?

    I wear two naida V sp aids . Do you think I should use a hearing aid dryer to keep the aids last longer ? If so, what's your recommendations ? any brand name etc. Which one do you prefer ? Hearing aid dryers (using elecrtricity) or tablets ? The aids are said to be water resistant but I...
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    Post your audiogram

    Here is mine .
  13. highlands

    hearing aid size 13 battery 1.4 or 1.45 volts ?

    I now have a pack of size 13 hearing aid batteries from Siemens. Normally size 13 batteries supplies 1.4 volts.. but this brand battery supplies 1.45 volts.. I wonder if 1.45 volts damages my hearing aid ? I wear two bernafon win 112 aids. here is the pack what about the 1.4 and 1.45...
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    Pics of you - Part V

    Let's post here
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    Shakespeare , a real person ?

    source Shakespeare - Mysteries of History - U.S. News Online
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    Nice garden

    enjoy -- found on the tinypic site
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    you ...

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    something different today

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    Pics of you - Part IV

    The previous thread has exceed fifty pages. A new one .