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    Edwards cinemax closed caption with glasses

    Have anyone tried that? I haven't been to movie theater for years - maybe for 13 years. My major reason I don't go because lack of caption. I hate the reflected caption, you know putting a plastic thingy in drink holder. So, I stopped going there ever since and I always watch movies that came...
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    Anyone with Z5 on IOS 8 have issue?

    Whenever I log in and it crashed immediately and I tried to contact ZVRS via email and got no respond at all. There must be some reason they decided not to respond to my email... Does anyone had issue with Z5 on iPhone with IOS 8?
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    A challenge - guess the movie (not same one we are having right now!)

    Let's see if you can answer to all of it - Absolutely no cheating!
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    Okay, this got me laughing...

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    Cool engine animation (**warning large picture with GIF**)

    There's an interesting animation of how engine works that someone posted at iRacing:
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    If I were in that car, I would change my underwear!

    基隆八斗å*土石æµç¬¬ä¸€ç¾å*´ - YouTube :shock:
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    Who's using bicycle to work?

    While my work is just merely 2 miles from here and why am I wasting my money on gas driving to my work everyday with horribly city MPG? I bought a new bike - Electra cruiser bike. Yeah, not exact ideal bicycle to commute to work. There are several reasons behind it: First childhood bicycle - I...
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    Battlefield 4 Trailer

    Battlefield 4: Official "Paracel Storm" Multiplayer Trailer - YouTube What do you think? Not sure if I'm going to buy this time...
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    Attention, Gamers - got Buttkicker?

    I just bought the Buttkicker product specifically for iRacing. Wow, nice motor vibration. So, I wonder if anyone else here have used that product for other game, such as first person shooter or anything else, please share.
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    Grummer must be bored today....

    He just posted 6 useless threads! :shock:
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    dereksbicycles have bicycle cave?

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    Let's see if you remember this CPU...

    Wow, it has been so long time since I saw that. I believe I upgraded from this to Pentium 233.
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    Coming out of retirement? (playing paintball related)

    Okay, here's the whole story. I used to play paintball games from 1986 to 1990. I have played it every weekends from 1988 to 1990. I decided to retire from it when semi-automatic started to take over. At my last game, one field had a huge event where we got massive amount of players on one...
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    Free 3 Month Premium Membership - iRacing

    Okay.... I bought a new used motherboard from iRacing member, but he also owner of Main Performance PC - Performance Enhanced Gaming PC Systems | Main Performance PC (selling gaming PC). When I received the motherboard and he forgot the CD, manual, etc.... So, he sent me the box of them AND...
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    Did anyone saw Kitchen Nightmare recently?

    I'm talking about Amy's Baking Company episode. It's the most talk in Reddit and other Internet forums this week. I do watch Kitchen Nightmares show but haven't seen it for a while and when I heard about that at iRacing forum and was shocked about the owners. It got me wanted to see that...
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    I think they made a game character after Jess...

    :shock: I'm going to need a serious and unbreakable cup!
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    So, this morning, I went to see --

    All I can say: wow.
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    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For info, cast, & release date discussion

    I've created a new thread mainly focus on new Sin City movie which some of us hijacked a thread: I just saw updated on movie as Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined Sin City as a new character. I've heard that Frank Miller...
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    So... I adopted two cats

    Past few weeks, I have been thinking of getting another cat after my black cat of 17 years passed away last year. It was kind of quiet around here without him. So, I stopped by PetSmart few weeks ago and saw black cat (like I had one before) that got me thinking. I decided to pick up her...