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    Bose HA
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    Super power HA/CI. question

    I know HAs & CIs work completely differently but my question is as a general rule are Super Power HAs the last resort before CIs?
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    Nice Article
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    Stem Cells Promise & Caution
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    HHearing Assist?

    Just saw the commercial for these. How can they sell them without audiologist to test you hearing & program the device (None of this is mentioned).
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    United Shade of America Episode Disabilities

    Watched this on CNN last night. Thought it was informative & respectful for a change.
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    Vibrant soundbridge

    Just wondering if there are any users out there?
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    Hearing aids Adjustment

    I just had my first hearing test in four years (Deeper into the sever/profound range). Audiologist adjusted my naida's and turned on more features.
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    One woman's View

    Debated passing this along ( The CI Debate can get so hot!). I have not read this woman's book or have any personal feeling toward her views. Just passing along info...
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    Is multitasking an issue for anyone else? I asked my audi about my self, her answer is below. This can be part of the hearing loss, but I also know some people with normal hearing who cannot multitask. I would say in your case, it is the hearing loss that makes you focus on one project at a time.
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    New stem cell study
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    Diversity toys
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    Ha myths

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    Has for severe profound hearing loss
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    Background noise uhh

    My Baby Sister's wedding was yesterday, and once again background noise made hearing a struggle(Music, People talking & General racket). Luckily everything quieted down for the ceremony. Even with my Niadas certain social situations are a struggle.
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    Phonak andriod blutooth aids
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    New mic