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  1. Evo Dragon

    Installed Paddlie Shifters

    Anyone who drove with paddle shifters experience? I upgraded and installed paddle shifters switches on my 2017 Mazda 6 Touring trim sedan.
  2. Evo Dragon

    Florida Deaf Art Show May 31 thru June 1st, 2019

    Link address: Date: 2017 videorecorded:
  3. Evo Dragon

    Deaf designer at Amazon with interpreter.
  4. Evo Dragon

    "The Tribe" deaf ukraine high school movie

    I watched "The Tribe" at Amazon video. Story about deaf high school students act dark world as love, hate, hard life at Ukraine. So creepy deaf culture at Ukraine. For Prime Amazon member only for watch free movie...
  5. Evo Dragon

    New california noise level muffer law

    In California, effect Jan 1, 2019 new exhaust law. I heard someone said if you install aftermarket sport muffler into your car. Too loud sound from muffler is illegal as You might get fined $1,000. simple aftermarket sport muffler:
  6. Evo Dragon

    Florida Senate Pass Bill for Deaf Symbol on Driver Licenses Here's my new Florida driver license during, I moved in Florida for new life. I hope police won't beat me up due to I can't hear their command while pull over on street. Lol
  7. Evo Dragon

    Deaf Car Show at Clearwater, FL

    Deaf Car Show We're calling out all the muscle cars, classic cars, any cars to come out to show off your sweet ride to help support the It's a Deaf Thing - Deaf Expo. Any donation will go toward It's a Deaf Thing to help the Deaf/Hard of Hearing or Deaf/Blind business owners and help the...
  8. Evo Dragon

    285 Deaf Street Festival

    285 Deaf Street Festival at San Diego, CA, Tampa, FL, Washington, DC, Austin, TX, Kansas City, MS and Chicago,Ill : Facebook information: VIDEO: July 28, 2018 at Denver, Colorado Teaser
  9. Evo Dragon

    Deaf Expo event at Central Florida 2019

    Special Thanks to Derick from Soresnson VRS of Florida.
  10. Evo Dragon

    I switched HTC One E8 from iphone 5

    I remmy old news about Sprint is poor 4G LTE high-speed data in past. But, I upgraded a brand new HTC One E8 smartphone from Sprint Relay store. I tested on my device for speedtest. I surprised it does not same speed from my old iPhone 5 (sprint)
  11. Evo Dragon

    Spy of frozen McRib meat at McDonald's

    Imported from Canada? ha.. Frozen McRib Photo Will Make You Question Everything In Life [UPDATED]
  12. Evo Dragon

    No need drug-sniffing dog?.. WTF

    Investigators Use 'Nasal Ranger' Smelloscope To Help Crackdown On Pot Smokers
  13. Evo Dragon

    Time Warner Cable: Internet Outage In The Northeast Fixed

    Time Warner Cable: Internet Outage In The Northeast Fixed Alot New Yorkers are anger at TWC East region due to outrage internet. I have no problem with TWC West region.
  14. Evo Dragon

    Mad Max/Road Warrior-style movies.. WTF

    [FULL HQ] SHOCKING Moment Car Ploughs Through Crowd of Bikers in New York City - YouTube Just like that "Mad Max" movie.
  15. Evo Dragon

    Apartment under Bridge?... WTF

    Jaw-Dropping Apartments On An Abandoned Bridge Will Blow You Away (PHOTOS)
  16. Evo Dragon

    Leopard love it? ugh!

    Do you want message on Leopard? It's moan sound like motorcycle. uh-uh, I refused to messege. ha! Leopard loves a massage - YouTube
  17. Evo Dragon

    Fake Disater outside viewer?... ha!
  18. Evo Dragon

    City of Homs at Syria has ruined due to civil war

    BEFORE, beautiful old city AFTER, due to war
  19. Evo Dragon

    Shark-proof wetsuit?

    SHARK-PROOF?: Australian Company Claims It's Invented Shark Repellent Wetsuit - YouTube Maybe, that suit help to saving authentic's life while he still surfing at beach. ha
  20. Evo Dragon

    Time Warner Cable May Drop CBS From Its TV Lineup

    Time Warner Cable Customers - You're about to lose CBS!