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    FCC pushes back date new captioning quality standards

    New standards will effect the position of captions:
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    Federal Workers can sue for shutdown 2013

    From the Washington Post:
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    Hearing loss Drugs and Treament.

    In the news: From Novartis: I'm hoping this pans out and clears trial.
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    Harvard/MIT sued over Closed Captioning

    From the Boston Globe:
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    Virtual Reality Vibration vest

    From cnn: I think this would be a good application for deaf. Better ways to feel music vibration.
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    Advertisements in posted threads

    My recent thread posted with an inserted an advertisement. The advertisement was posted above my signature. This needs to be changed as I am not endorsing any products in my posts, unless I specifically write about a product. Can...
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    Eclipse Closed Caption Tutorials

    Eclipse is an IDE for many programming languages. It has a lot of good features which allow you to find information while coding very easily. I've recently come across some eclipse closed caption training videos which I thought I would share. Here is a link...
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    New Postings in Politics Section

    If the site is not going to allow discussion in the politics section, it needs to shut off so no new threads can be started. This is giving users the opportunity to post without fear of rebuttal. It's not fair to others..
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    Gun Noise protection

    I'm looking into noise protection for shooting firearms. I have profound loss and it is important I protect what little hearing I have left. Particularly, I'm looking for protection when shooting an M1 Garand (168 db). Does anyone use electronic ear muffs? Beyond ear drum damage, does the...
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    It's all text plugin and alldeaf

    Firefox has a plugin called, "It's all Text". The plugin allows you to use your favorite editor to edit text boxes on web pages. The plugin doesn't work on Alldeaf. This is most likely due to how the text boxes are created. My question is: Is there a way to use a different editor when editing...
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    One fund changing policy for Hearing Impaired victims

    We are trying to mobilize here in Boston to make sure those who lost hearing during the Boston bombing do not lose benefits. One fund changing mission | Boston Herald It is unclear at the moment whether the new use of funds for, "services" will allow people to buy listening devices. If this...
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    Dad Banned From School After Gun License In Spat With Principal

    I'm on the fence about this. The guy says he's a rapper and has a video with knives which certainly needs to be looked into. If there is no mental illness here, this is just making a bad situation worse. However, I understand all the caution: Dad Banned From School After Showing Gun License...
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    Facebook Band Like Invites..

    The majority of my hearing friends are either in bands or associated with bands. And, I'm getting a lot of invites to, "like" these bands. In addition, I'm getting a lot of invites to, "see" these bands as well, which is something I cannot do. Places that feature live bands are not good for me...
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    Ordering Takout through relay

    As usual, during pre-weekend relaxation time, I tried to order takeout at a local Thai place using the relay service. On Friday and Saturday night, this can be a trying experience at best. During these times, restaurants usually have their hands full and won't take your relay call. I can...
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    Ensemble vs Captel

    Does anyone have preference between Captel and Ensemble clarity phones? Is one better than the other? I want to get one, but I'm not sure what to get. I know Captel works with Majic Jack, but I'm not sure about Ensemble.
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    destruction of human history

    No punishment too great: Thefts in Egypt Museum Much Worse Than First Reported | Care2 Causes
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    date drug detector

    This is awesome: MassChallenge finalist DrinkSavvy takes aim at date rape with drug-detecting drinkware - Innovation - I wonder if these cups will be cheap enough for bars. It would be really cool if they could also illuminate finger prints.
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    Google Glass Privacy I know this is coming and I don't have a problem with it in public. However, what I want to know is how people will feel when it is brought into your home at a private event? I think...
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    One more stigma removed..

    New Law Regarding Massachusetts Identification Card ID Bill
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    Worst charities

    NOT Good: America's Worst Charities