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  1. Ri Sol

    Activation - Med El Synchrony

    I had CI activation today. I was expecting something not pleasant, after reading the reviews, but the real experience is worse than expectations. What I "hear" in CI, I cannot name them as sounds, maybe sensations? When sounds are made, it feels like something kicking my brain + tinnitus. It is...
  2. Ri Sol

    CI choice

    Hi, I'm trying to choose the best option and can't decide. MedEl is offering 2 processors until August 2015. I have three options 1. Opus 2 + Rondo 2. Opus 2 + Sonnet 3. Sonnet + Rondo I like the third option, the cons is that Sonnet doesn't have rechargeable batteries yet. They will be...
  3. Ri Sol

    Need some advice

    Last three years are very tough for me. I need some advice, how to build my future life. I'm a new immigrant, we moved to USA, three years ago. English is my second language. I'm married and have two kids. My husband didn't get opportunity to learn English language quickly, because he had to...