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  1. LiliaMay

    which do you prefer?

    T-bone Steak ahhhhhh I'm having it tonight, Easter celebration! Snow or Rain
  2. LiliaMay

    Anyone here use linux instead of windows?

    I'm a Linux user and I keep wondering why not many people use it. I guess because it's not so popular (got something to do with its marketing team then), and cause' Windows and macOS have been around for ages. Linux does have its advantage over Windows that I found very useful for my daily work...
  3. LiliaMay

    Person Below Me

    a 4x4 truck, I won't have to struggle when moving somewhere. TPBM: Do you regret something you did in the past?
  4. LiliaMay

    23andme health result did NOT show any variants for Hearing Loss, I'm Deaf. Possible Causes?

    I'm sorry to hear, that can come from the mother and her pregnancy, then it gets worse over time. When you reach the 30s, your ears can't stand anymore and they collapsed.
  5. LiliaMay

    Why Apologize?

    I guess I say it because of politeness, not that I'm actually apologizing. It seems rude to just say "I can't hear you!", better with "Sorry, I didn't catch what you mean". It's not hearing people's fault for our deafness so we can't be impolite to them.
  6. LiliaMay

    Indiana School for the Deaf is the most hate school in America

    Everything seems good, why is it the most hate school in America? I also went to a deaf school in secondary grades and it was nice to be there.
  7. LiliaMay


    Well, follow your heart before you commit, marriage is something you can't just walk away from. But be sure, otherwise, you will regret.
  8. LiliaMay

    I want to make friends , where do i start ?

    Sign language clubs like one in our university would be a good start for you. We meet up, plan and make voluntary trips together. I don't feel I'm disabled in the club, even there are hearing people there, which is such a nice thing.
  9. LiliaMay

    What to say if a hearing person says that somebody is faking deafness?

    Not the best thing you could hear from hearing people of course, just be tolerant and tell them how you can read lips and understand I guess.
  10. LiliaMay

    Hi, nice to meet all of you. Long post incoming, many apologies.

    Sending a hug to you, I was there, it was awful for me in high school too. But my dear things will be alright, you're brave, you can overcome all that!
  11. LiliaMay

    Anime or manga fans

    Me too! I'm a fan of an anime called Detective Conan. It has 8 seasons and I'm on season 4, it's so interesting, I can't stop watching it.
  12. LiliaMay

    Newbie from japan :)

    Omg!! welcome! I was in Japan 4 years ago in springtime and I loveeee it there. Can you see my avatar? Yes, it's Japanese cherry blossom! :applause:
  13. LiliaMay

    Recover Deleted Sms From Android Phone

    umm...if it's saved on your SIM then it can be recovered I guess. Sorry I'm not using Android for so long. Don't really remember how it works.
  14. LiliaMay

    Letting people believe I’m mute, when I’m not

    You don't have to talk intelligently with people, we're talking rubbish every day though. The fact that you're able to write a good post here already prove you can talk interestingly.
  15. LiliaMay

    Wanting to be a mum.

    I don't think the doctors are able to tell you the information when your child is not born yet. But best of luck it's not in the DNA.