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  1. DeafNerdMommy

    please help asl class!!!

    He is telling a joke, kind of. I have heard many joke that are alone this lines.
  2. DeafNerdMommy

    Hair & nails anyone?

    If you cut it wet, reminder it will bounce back and be shorter. I have natural curly hair and have had many bad hair cuts.
  3. DeafNerdMommy

    Lost my hearing aid

    It was not a dealership, it's a place that buys dead cars and recycles them or crush them
  4. DeafNerdMommy

    Lost my hearing aid

    I wish, I sold the car 5 months ago to a company in washington (I'm in oregon). I was avoiding wearing my hearing aids so I didnt noticed until this week when I had to wear my hearing aids.
  5. DeafNerdMommy

    Lost my hearing aid

    Oh my gosh I lost one of my hearing aids. It was the oticon opn. I think I left it in a car and sold the car.:cry: now I have to save up 1500 for a new one. The worst part is I lost my worst ears hearing aid. Almost 10 year of wearing them and I finally lost one. Dang
  6. DeafNerdMommy

    Coming back

    Thank you :)
  7. DeafNerdMommy

    Service dog

    Which I understand, I am mentally ready for a dog, but can't decide if I want a service dog yet.
  8. DeafNerdMommy

    Cant hear with my new HA it drive me crazy!!!

    Have the setting changed at you audi
  9. DeafNerdMommy

    Service dog

    I am throwing around the idea of getting a service dog. It would be half for hearing and half for psychiatric stuff. Does anyone on here use a service dog and has it helped you? I want to be sure I want one if I'm going to shell out the money and time to train.
  10. DeafNerdMommy

    Stay at Home Order

    I have been cleaning and binging shows on Netflix. Wishing I had hulu lol
  11. DeafNerdMommy

    Coming back

    Hey I'm nerd, Some people might know me. I have been off alldeaf for about 2 years. Thought I would come back. I feel very out of the loop. I am profoundly deaf. And use to sign. I havent used it in 5 years due to loving with my(now ex) wife who is hearing and my hearing parents. They made me...
  12. DeafNerdMommy

    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    Sometimes state insurances pay gor hearing aids
  13. DeafNerdMommy

    What was the last movie you watched?

    A.L.X It was cute but a little empty
  14. DeafNerdMommy

    Filing disability

    Urg. So i filed for disability 8 months ago. Not being hearing related, and they are just now thinking i have been waiting to long. I dont know about other states but oregon is 3-5 month wait. That is 8 months of no income because they cant figure out things. This was more of a rant but i wanted...
  15. DeafNerdMommy

    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    I get embarrassed when i am with my hearing family. They make fun of me a lot and none of them sign. My wife is my savior a lot of the times.
  16. DeafNerdMommy

    Hello from an old friend

    The oregon school for the blind is at the Deaf school haha. Bad design but good for kids that are both.
  17. DeafNerdMommy

    Hello from an old friend

    Crazy. Its like walking through a ghost town.
  18. DeafNerdMommy

    Hello from an old friend

    Dude what happened to this site? Its full of zombies and students wanting things glossed.
  19. DeafNerdMommy

    Picking a new hearing aid

    I have oticon opn, first gene. I am madly in love with them. I've only had 2 hearing aids and both have been oticon but i like the opn way better
  20. DeafNerdMommy

    Hello from an old friend

    Hello, I was am AD member that has fallen of the face of the planet. After some star searching i have found my way back. For people who dont know me, i am a mother of 4 small children. I have profound hearing loss. My wife is also hard of hearing. We speak asl (mostly psl), english, irish, and...