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  1. knightwolf68

    anyone are going to National darts tournament of the deaf in Ohio???

    anyone plans to go to Ohio this June ( first weekend ) ???? if u want to have the flyer i will be happy to send u the flyer so please give me ur email in my inbox and i will check and send u the flyers by the way, it is Soft Tip darts tournament ... I will be there for sure .... and i am...
  2. knightwolf68

    For Steel Darts Player

    Good news.... I am the founder for Deaf Steel Darts Tournament in Denver,Co. As well we will announce the dates and info in next few months. Who are interest to fellow up the info. You may reach me through my private message here as I will try come back and check and ensure include ur email and...
  3. knightwolf68

    curious who will be at ??

    who will be at Indy for deaf dart tourment during june 1st until june 3rd ? if ur going .. are u going there as fans or player to shoot ? I will be there for sure as player !
  4. knightwolf68

    Need ur help to guide me round with logitech webcam..

    Hello... The reasons I ask for help as i am using xp window here ... and somehow logitech upgrades on my webcam within unexpect ... then i got logitech quickcam download itself ... as i thought it was awesome tab etc ... but one problem is that i can't get my webcam to show up so i can record...
  5. knightwolf68

    knightwolf68's pic

    Its me took pic last round may i think... as on avatar what u see is what i look like now ..
  6. knightwolf68

    what heck?? why not?? (for single ladies only )

    I just being thoughtful to post here to allow all singles ladies to ask me some questions here to get know who I am ... To decide to interest in me or not ?? Help urself to ask me any questions but I might not give out the answer depend on what questions that u want to know who I am .. I am not...
  7. knightwolf68

    how do you deal with someone??

    When someone ask you what's wrong with me that u decide to leave the dates ?? Please tell me truth the real reason ?? Would u go ahead and tell him / her truth or do the white lie without hurt their feeling or something like that ?
  8. knightwolf68

    fall back into alldeaf room

    guess what ???? what the earth where i have been in lately and finally baccckkkk and i don't recall when the last time i was here it seem like millioniare of years ago lol ... but probaly last summer i think .... so give me a hollars in ptv msg as i hope that i can keep come back ... my life is...
  9. knightwolf68

    peek boo

    :thumb: helloooooo i m baccckkkkk it has been so awhile to be here !!! so what's up with everybody ???? :thumb:
  10. knightwolf68

    let's play new games

    since i just decide to do something different to have fun to figure out if someone answer right then that person can think of something to make people guess the answer ... i will go first ... ok the movie .... the guy was suppose to be infamous player but someone shot him to stop...
  11. knightwolf68

    Driving school offers blind people a chance to take the wheel

    Jason Fayre gets into the car for his first driving lesson. May 5, 2005. DENVER - The people taking driving lessons at Master Drive of Denver Thursday have been rock climbing, white water rafting and skiing, but getting behind the wheel of a car may be the most thrilling thing...
  12. knightwolf68

    State Law Forbids Teen To Drive Because Mom Is Blind

    State Law Forbids Teen To Drive Because Mom Is Blind Minors With Driver's Permit Can Only Drive With Parents Who Have License POSTED: 6:35 am MDT May 3, 2005 UPDATED: 3:22 pm MDT May 3, 2005 DENVER -- A Colorado Springs teen has her learner's permit but she can't use it because her...
  13. knightwolf68

    Want to attend prom? Take alcohol class

    Prom-Going Seniors Required To Take Alcohol Class POSTED: 9:18 am MST March 21, 2005 RIO RANCHO, N.M. -- Seniors at Rio Rancho High School must complete an online alcohol awareness course if they want to attend the prom. According to a report in Monday's Albuquerque Journal, the...
  14. knightwolf68

    hey RICKL66

    hiiii and welcome to alldeaf... and I think i know who u are .. is that u that i know ?? look at my sn as u probaly knew me am i right ??? by the way, welcome to AD !
  15. knightwolf68

    FLA. Deaf and Blind Students Prepare for Super Bowl

    Deaf and Blind Students Prepare for Super Bowl Minor says hes enjoyed working with the kids, and hopes the Super Bowl audience will see the special gifts the kids have By Tiani Jones First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- The passion and excitement could be seen all over the faces of...
  16. knightwolf68

    Harry Potter fans pay homage at graveside of British soldier in Israel

    U.K. - AFP Harry Potter fans pay homage at graveside of British soldier in Israel 18 minutes ago JERUSALEM (AFP) - Fans of literary boy wizard Harry Potter (news - web sites) have been beating a path to the tomb of a 19-year-old British soldier who is buried in a cemetery close...
  17. knightwolf68

    oh ahhh another double copycat so ask me !!!

    well some of u have know me but probaly long forgotten about me hehe so fire away ... i am pretty open mind to respond any questions but not full 100 % to answer the questions ... FIRE AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!
  18. knightwolf68

    another remind of "radio" midget A touchdown that touched everyone who was there to see it written by : Dan Viens (Web Producer) reported by: Cheryl Preheim (9NEWS Reporter)...
  19. knightwolf68

    need to vent !!!!

    I wanna to kick someone's buttt last night for break in my damn car and they stolen allot of my stuffs that require me to have for leagues to play ... what more ???? they even stolen battery from my car !! arrrgghhh and now it already tow away and it going to cost me allot of money to pay !! i...
  20. knightwolf68

    remind me of "radio" movie,1299,DRMN_86_3255491,00.html Massaro: 'Angel of Agua' shines for South High October 15, 2004 Gary Mason is the sunshine of South High School. Go to a Rebels football practice and you'll see running backs sprinting across...