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  1. lilredridinhood

    My Thread

    mods, do not EVEN think about touching this. :-D tyvmydf. this thread is to just flame. bash. vent. whatever the hell you want to do. :-D and if you even think about locking this, i'll just keep on making more. and more. and more. and more. you could ban me... but...
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    New Year's Resoultion

    I know I know, it's a tad early but i've made up mine. there's just one actually... I PROMISE TO TELL THE TRUTH, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, SO HELP ME GOD. so in spirits of staying with it, i'm going to come clean. AllDeaf used to be an awesome site. Until everybody got banned or...
  3. lilredridinhood

    Chapter 2

    The sunshine streaming in through the partially open curtains slowly woke Allie up. With a sigh, she opened her eyes. For a moment, she didn’t know where she was. A smile crept on her face when she saw Tom sleeping by her side, his arms around her. Who couldn’t love him? Slowly she slid out...
  4. lilredridinhood

    Great email!

    Dear President Bush, I have learned a great deal from you and understand why you would propose and support a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can...
  5. lilredridinhood

    Chapter One

    Chapter 1 Driving home from her internship with Dr. Vigar, Allie turns on the radio. “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…” blasts from the speakers. A smile creeps on her face. This is Tom’s favorite song. All of a sudden, she was overcome with the urge to see him...
  6. lilredridinhood

    a story

    woukd you guys be interested in reading a long story? I was overcome with the urge to write, even though I'm not that good of a writer, IMO, and I tinkered out 4 pages of a story which's long from being finished.. so far it's a mystery type story wld u guys want to read it chapter by...
  7. lilredridinhood

    Oujia Board

    Has anyone tried an Oujia Board? What have your experiences been with it? I own a board, quite interesting story about how I got it- I consider it to be fate :) One morning I was talking with a roommate of mine about how I missed my old Oujia Board and how I would buy one soon, and then at...
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    random thoughts

    I've been thinking, how do people think? I mean, when I think, its like voices in my head, do ppl think with signs? or in writing?
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    congratulations part 2

    this is the end to 'congratulations' you look at me with a blank face. panic starts to steep in, what if you refuse to accept your daughter? where would I be then? with a heavy sigh, you open the door further and allow me in. "how?" you asked. "why didn't u tell me before?" have you...
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    im sick. verrrry sick. I've had a spilting headache for a few days where it feels like my heads gonna pop, I've been sneezing nonstop and sometimes when I sneeze, there's blood.. hmm wht else.. I've been coughing too..threw  a few times too. just wanted to mope. ignore me.
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    a few pics of me and my roommates
  12. lilredridinhood

    post funny old pics

    LoL i found my pics from the summer between my soph/jr year
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    It's eating at me, tearing me apart alive. I can't think, I can hardly eat, I can only make a feeble attempt at laughing. It has consumed my entire being. All I do when I lie in bed at night is think about it and wonder what was supposed to be. Is this my destiny? To not feel happiness, to never...
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    holding my daughter in my arms, I take a deep breath. with one last touch  in the rearview mirror, I open the car door and walk the 23 long steps to the front door. slowly, I ring the doorbell. after what seemed like forever, the door open and there you stood. a year hasn't changed anything...
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    who has? add me! i need more LJ friends lol :-D
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    Mother, am I?

    a fictional poem in soph year. Mother, am I your secret? Mother, am I the one you hide? Grew up with only one hope which was to make you proud, but.. nope you kept glaring at me with that look and complkain when i couldn't cook am i not good enoguh for ou? or does everything have to be...
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    April 29

    This was a story I wrote back in my soph. year of English- i'm retyping it so there's bound to be mistakes and whatnot. What is a ghost? most people define a ghost as a soul that has passed away but wanders around the earth still. i guess you can call me a ghost. i am, after all, no longer...
  18. lilredridinhood

    I loved you.

    as I drive down the highway, the wind blowing in my hair, I will myself not to look behind. ahead is a new life, filled with promises of happier times. darkness looms and one by one the cars disappear. I am left alone on the highway with nary a soul in sight. there's not another town for 16...
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    I just got a monroe! :) *it's a piercing* I've wanted it for a long time and finally got it.. I have my navel done, conch (inside of my ear) and ofc the traditional 2 holes in each ear and a left cartlidge piercing.. and I have had nose and tongue but took them out. pic's on...
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    Welcome me back!

    ONCE again, here I am again. :-D Lots have changed since I've last been here, I graduated, I spent the summer at home with family, I moved into an Austin apartment, then recently, a week or so ago, I relocated to Houston, and now am living with three other roommates. Life's been a blast. No...