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    Hey whats happening for the 4th of July?

    Any firework events in the high desert?
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    Deaf Events

    Is their any Deaf Events going on in Victorville C. A
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    deaf events

    Where are all the Deaf Events & Meets in Victorville C.A
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    looking for friend

    Hello alldeaf Im looking for a female friend in Victorville. Ca. 35 to 50 year old that can teach me ASL and become good friends.
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Hi Im a late deaf person I lost my hearing due to minigitis three years ago I was in plumbing school with one year left out of five to go when minigitis hit me I was in the hospital for 2 1/ 2 months behind minigitis I lost my job as a plumber and wasted four years of school now Im on ssi...
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    Hi I'm new here.

    Its ok if your not a good speller we all know what your saying.
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    looking for work

    thak you bebonang and bottesini for the info.
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    looking for work

    I live in Victorville California.
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    looking for work

    where can I find a vr councelor
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    looking for work

    Hello deaf world Im New to alldeaf Im a single dad with limited income, is there any jobs good jobs for deaf people this is all New to me, I lost my hearing 3 years ago, Im not used to not being able to hear even after three years of being deaf, I've bought a sign language dictionary it helps a...