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  1. Elyza

    Signing Halsey?

    So I know a decent amount of ASL. But I am working on some artwork. And I was wanting to add ASL in the art (im hoping to get it to be a Music Video eventually). So I wanted to make sure I am signing correctly, and learning more I don't want to start bad habits, and I've watched people sign to...
  2. Elyza

    Looking for help with asl

    Skype or video chat? Need help and real practice.
  3. Elyza

    Unique kitten joplin/springfield mo (great for even families and they are gorgeous)

    We have 1/2 bangel/hybrid kittens, $75. One looks like a leopard, two marble swirl, and one long hairs that looks kind like a lynx (which that one I have fell in love with so I am need a good offer to part with lol. They have enough bangel in them to be considered bangel, but we lost our cats...
  4. Elyza

    Springfield/joplin area... kittens for sale

    We have 4 kitten (they are 6 1/2 weeks old), $200 a kitten, they are bred for design. You can make an offer. I can answer any questions. The male (father cat) is special breed, and the kittens would be considered his specific breed (but since we lost his paperwork in a tornado. I know the...
  5. Elyza

    One for the resident cat ladies ...

    My bengal cat (male) and house cat (female) just had a 5 kittens last night.
  6. Elyza

    Anyone else heard of people learning asl and it helping dyslexia?

    So I am wanting to become an interpreter, also I am dyslexic. My dyslexia isn't too bad, but it can be frustrating and it makes reading difficult. I always thought dyslexia would hold me back. When I was a server/ cocktail server and I got into my work mode; I had my own chicken scratch writing...
  7. Elyza

    Looking for help

    I don't but I am assuming that is an app? I can download it.
  8. Elyza

    Looking for help

    REALLY? That would be awesome. VP?
  9. Elyza

    What jobs can you do with hearing loss?

    Anything you want. Nothing should hold you back from your dreams. Find out who you want to be and do it with purpose.
  10. Elyza

    Looking for help

    Hey I'm Lyza, and I am going to start school to become an ASL interpreter. I am looking to make friends that will video chat with me to help me get better at signing. And just general advice about what people want in an interpreter. I want to be a good interpreter. I know alot of signs, it's...
  11. Elyza

    Looking for real people who need real friends

    Im looking for friends to help teach me proper ASL grammar and expand my vocabulary. I took a course. I think i want to be an interpreter as a career.
  12. Elyza

    Looking for help, southwest missouri/arkansas area?

    This is a long shot. But i have been taking classes for ASL. And am looking for someone i could video email back and forth to assist me in ASL. Im wanting to be an interpreter. Maybe meet up at some point. I havent seen any communities near where i live. Its a small country town.
  13. Elyza

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Anyone looking for someone to learn with or practice with. Im not sure my level. I can hold conversation. Well some conversation and i know random words ive picked up. I was being taught by a girl i worked with but i had to move. She was awesome and had a great sense of humor which made the...
  14. Elyza

    Hearing And Wanting To Learn More

    My name is Elyza I want to learn to sign fluently. I met a girl i worked with who is deaf, she assisted me in learning. It was a great experience getting to the point where i could be actually hold a conversation. I still need to learn alot. I think i want to go back to college to become an...