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  1. BornMellow

    Anyone with bad acne and trying gluten free diet?

    Was watching Dr. Oz yesterday, Am working on losing weight and a lightbulb went off in my head literally. All of the acne problems I've been having for years all of doctors and went to a dermatologist and none did the trick seems to be because of Gluten foods i eat. So going to give this a...
  2. BornMellow

    Your eating habits change because of movies/documentaries/Talk shows?

    I am one of the overweight Americans. I will lose as much as I can by changing my eating habits. I've started to eat more healthier since watching Jamie Oliver's food revolution tv shows... showing how chicken nuggets were made was a huge eye opener as well as finding out about pink slime...
  3. BornMellow

    For former and current Nucleus 22 users Where/what are you now?

    Curious where you guys are now as I am a Nucleus 22 recipient. I have not used my CI in years as now I'm interested in giving it a try again as people tell me technology is better than before and am at the fence of upgrading the internal device. My major frustration was the magnet size as I was...