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  1. Carebearx13x

    Uploading a video into the computer

    Hi, a friend of mine just videotaped her daughter rolling over and she want to upload it onto her computer and then post it on YouTube. The thing is, she used videocamera and I'm not sure on how this would work. I can imagine that she would need some cable line to hook up her camera to hard...
  2. Carebearx13x

    Deaf Day at 6 Flags- Jackson, NJ

    Does anybody have any information on Deaf Day at 6 Flags in Jackson, NJ?
  3. Carebearx13x

    Could you guys help me out?

    Last weekend, a friend of mine and I were cleaning out my attic since my mom will move to Arizona sometime around next month. We came across to a class photo that was taken in 1989-90 at Walnut Street Elementary School in Toms River, New Jersey. I had forgot my former classmates' names and I...
  4. Carebearx13x

    Deaf Drummer

    Rob Minervino, searching for a new drummer for his band, was intrigued when a friend of a friend online recommended Chris Wydock, who is deaf. "I thought they meant 'def,' as in really good," Minervino said. It turned out not to be a misspelling; Wydock is deaf and, as Minervino discovered...
  5. Carebearx13x


    It has been awhile since I use the AD forum. I figured that I might as well re-introduction myself. So, the real scoop on me? I don't think there's much to tell. My name is Katie and I'm a 20 years old and a second year student at Gallaudet University. I'm majoring in Secondary Education with...
  6. Carebearx13x


    My most recent work =) I haven't write a poem in months, so enjoy. Serendipity Is it a fortune accident? Is it just a pure luck? Is it a coincidence? Is it a fate that makes things the way they are? How it can be? You and I? Two star-crossed lovers, Enduring miles apart...
  7. Carebearx13x

    Has Anyone Heard From...

    Has anyone heard from Ryan aka cloud? I haven't talk to him in ages and the last I heard he was in RIT. :( I hopes he's doing ok.
  8. Carebearx13x

    Deaf Teens

    PIZZA and CHAT WHO: ages 13 to 18 WHAT: Pizza/chat/socialize/share ideas WHEN: Friday, April 4, 2003 7:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. WHERE: St. Gregory Church Hall 340 Evesham Avenue East Magnolia...
  9. Carebearx13x

    Adult aggression, children’s TV tied

    Adult aggression, children’s TV tied Multiyear study sees causal connection ASSOCIATED PRESS March 9 — Both boys and girls who watch a lot of violence on television have a heightened risk of aggressive adult behavior including spouse abuse and criminal offenses, no matter how...
  10. Carebearx13x

    Yay Yay

    Welcome to our newest member, my best friend, Jimmy aka jamesx007!! :wave: *hugs*
  11. Carebearx13x

    What a Birthday!

    The son of a farmer had just turned 18, and for his birthday, the farmer gave him some cash and said, "Now son, I want you to go to the city and have yourself some fun." The son gladly took the money and took off to the city. After a few hours he returned very happy. Noticing this, the...
  12. Carebearx13x

    A little innocent incest

    There was this girl who needed a date to her prom, so she asked her brother to go with her. He refused, and so she said, "Well everyone else is doing it," and so he then agreed. At the Prom, the girl asked her brother to dance. Again, he refused and she said,"Well, everyone else is doing...
  13. Carebearx13x

    What is Politics?

    This little boy goes to his Dad and asks, "What is politics?" Dad says, "Well, son let me try to explain it to you this way... I'm the breadwinner of the family, so let's call me 'Capitalism'. Your Mom, she's the administrator of the household, so we'll call her the Government. We're...
  14. Carebearx13x

    Post your best picture ever!

    here's mine.. it's my senior picture.
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    Ask Luckyx13x Anything