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  1. itsmezali


    Hey so I’m possibly writing something (I know it’s the worst thing to hear from a hearing person) usually when I get an idea in my head I can see it played out like a movie rather than a book but I thought I’d give this one a try until I realised my mistake: I have no idea how to write from the...
  2. itsmezali

    Surprise Signing

    So I work in retail and ever since I’ve been learning BSL (from my Deaf coworker) I’ve gotten to know her friends and people in the area who are D/deaf or HoH. I have also signed to two other D/deaf customers in the store who my coworker doesn’t know and they were both really shocked that I was...
  3. itsmezali


    Hey! So I’ve been learning BSL from my friend at work who is completely deaf and when her friends (who are also deaf) come in to visit her she includes me in conversations and will stop to tell me a new sign or explain something. One thing that has happened a lot is that different people use...