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  1. Korey Geer

    Your favorite song

    Sorry! I dont listen to music
  2. Korey Geer

    When are you free?

    When are you free?
  3. Korey Geer

    Practice ASL

    Do you still want my help?
  4. Korey Geer

    Looking to expand on my signing

    If you need help, please let me know when your available.
  5. Korey Geer

    Practice ASL

    I would love to help out,When are you available?
  6. Korey Geer

    Hi! Hearing person looking for a Deaf or Hard of Hearing ASL partner!

    Im willing to help,When are you available?
  7. Korey Geer

    Friends and relationship

    Hello All, I'm Deaf and Im here to meet some new friends and more,if you are fluent in ASL,this message is for you.please read careful and reply. I hope you"ll doing we"ll.I am here to meet new friends to spend time and to chat with,Im also looking for a relationship with a female, if your...
  8. Korey Geer

    Looking for a relationship.

    Sure,I would love to chat with you,When would you like to?
  9. Korey Geer

    ASL ans Interpreting

    I just saw this,I have not on here for a long time,Im back on now.if you still need help.please let me know. I can help
  10. Korey Geer

    Hi, My Name Is Marie, I Am Deaf And Am Looking For New Friends

    I would love to be your friend,please write back.
  11. Korey Geer

    Looking for Deaf and hearing friends with ASL in South Dakota.

    I have zoom,When would you like to chat? Whats your time zone?
  12. Korey Geer

    Anyone from Nebraska

    I am originally from Omaha,but i live in south dakota right now,and possibly moving back to omaha next summer.
  13. Korey Geer

    Looking for a relationship.

    Sure,When would you like to chit-chat on facebook messenger
  14. Korey Geer

    Looking for Deaf and hearing friends with ASL in South Dakota.

    Hey Everyone, Im looking for new Deaf and hearing friends with ASL in my state of South Dakota,between the ages of 40-60. Please let me know by writting back.The only communication methods I have is zoom,or facebook messenger.I do not have skype.
  15. Korey Geer

    future interpreting student looking for d/Deaf and HoH friends to practice with!

    I Do you still need help learning ASL? Please let me know.I do have zoom
  16. Korey Geer

    Friends to sign with

    If you still need help with learning ASL,I can help you out,please let me know.I do have zoom
  17. Korey Geer

    here to make some friends also happy to help the beginners to learn ASL as well

    I dont mind being your friend,if you need help learning ASL.please let me know,i can find some free time.
  18. Korey Geer

    New Here looking for friends

    I dont mind being your friend