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    Chris was placed!!

    A couple of weeks ago Chris was officially placed in a local school with a HOH classroom. Since he was placed in a school district that I do not live in they have to provide transportation :D. I'm so excited. I also recently received a letter in the mail approving my other two kids a transfer to...
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    Quitting smoking?

    I can't quit smoking because I don't want to deal with the bitchness I would go through.
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    Place you want to visit?

    I would like to go to Dutch Harbor Alaska!
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    Where's everyone from?

    Born and Raised in Arkansas!!! GO HOGS GO!!!
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    Hey Birthday Girl!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday to chris' mom!

    Thank YOU ncff...and EVERYONE else. I was at a cubscout camp out yesteray but when I got home I discovered that my kids forgot and most everyone else. This really made my night!! THANK YOU
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    Have you ever had someone that made you feel super special?

    Nothing worse then being in a house full of people and still feeling alone
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    man wants date with drunk girl, calls 911

    that is why I don't drink in public
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    What's for dinner?

    that's what we had for dinner last night except take out the white wine and add juice
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    What's for dinner?

    Manwhich and Chips for us..boring..but easy
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    My Brother's Door, LOL!

    I remember having similar notes on my door when I was younger
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    Have you ever had someone that made you feel super special?

    Isn't that so true?? Being a single mom of 3 boys I don't have the slightest clue!
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    What do you NOT look for in a relationship?

    I wouldn't want someone who is a control freak or a perfectionist..(been there done that ain't doing it again)
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    What do you NOT look for in a relationship?

    We always talk about what you look for in a relationship. I want to know what you Do NOT look for..LOL Just a random question
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Close enough to perfect by Alabama Sometimes her morning coffees way too strong And sometimes what she says she says all wrong Heaven knows shes not an angel but shed really like to be And thats close enough to perfect for me Now shes been known to wear her pants too tight And...