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    Chris was placed!!

    A couple of weeks ago Chris was officially placed in a local school with a HOH classroom. Since he was placed in a school district that I do not live in they have to provide transportation :D. I'm so excited. I also recently received a letter in the mail approving my other two kids a transfer to...
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    What do you NOT look for in a relationship?

    We always talk about what you look for in a relationship. I want to know what you Do NOT look for..LOL Just a random question
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    Have you ever had someone that made you feel super special?

    After being put down for 7 years it's really nice to have someone lift you up. I just thought I would say that. It's also amazing how songs have that affect on you as well.
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    Weird thoughts..and the process..

    As anyone ever had a random off the wall thought pop into your head?? And then later asked yourself "what was that all about".. I had that moment just now and I'm think what the crap..maybe others have to:hmm:
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    Maytag Recalls 1.6 million fridges..

    I just heard this on my local news..not sure if it's a repost or if this is the right place but here's the link.. Maytag Recalls 1.6 Million Refrigerators - Money News Story - KHBS NW Arkansas
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    Who's kid doesn't like chocolate??

    My 6 year old doesn't like chocolate. I am always forgetting!! He had to remind me again today when my girlscout cookies were delivered. I feel so terrible that I forgot..
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    FM Systems

    I noticed that when I plug the FM system in to charge a few minutes after it'll say E9. So I unplug and plugged it back in..check after a few minutes same thing..did it again and same thing..ANyone have a clue?? THanks
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    I just enrolled in..

    Sign 1. Classes start Monday APril 6th. I'm so excited..bad thing is I have to drive an hour and 1/2 on way. But the lady I meet with every week is the one teaching it so it makes it worth it..WIsh me luck..I'm so excited
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    Pictures of My pets

    Our newest 2 additions are hamsters..the white one is named Bridge, the grey on Jones..My 6 year old named them Cooper watching the hamsters like a hawk..the whole time licking his lips.. and the hermit crabs we got for Christmas. The pink shell one is named Elizabeth, the...
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    Do you believe in death penalty

    I ask because I was thinking about things that you are against till it happens to you type of stuff. I use to be against the death penity till my uncle was horribly murder Thanksgiving night in 2004. Feel free to list why you picked the answer you did.. let's be nice to other opinions and...
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    Behavior meeting went VERY well...

    Because of Chris' lack of communication skills at school it has caused him to become more frustrated then normal 4 year olds. Back in November he got so bad that the teacher was in fear of him hurting himself or other children. So they brought in a behavior specialist to help. We had the inital...
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    Turning HA off..

    Chris recently had his HA reprogrammed and now I have noticed that he's turning them off all the time. I keep checking and turning them back on. Is this okay for him to do or should I force him to leave them one,,if so how? I guess I could be happy that he is finally leaving them in instead of...
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    Anti Virus programs

    I'm looking for a free anti virus for my computers..I'm not sure if there's good ones out there.
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    My new couch and loveseat!!!

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    When I bought my laptop maybe 2 years ago it came with a free up grade for Vista, I haven't installed it cause I don't deal with change well and I like XP. But I've been thinking about change it since that could be a baby step into getting over my fear of change. Pro's cons? I've heard you have...
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    I met with a lady today at Chris' school to get him tested and such so maybe we can get him interpreter for Kindergarten. I'm just lost and confussed about the process and what type of things are they looking for? I was really happy to meet with her and she's really nice and said it was her...
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    Question about ASL & SEE

    We've been teaching my son ASL, it was suggested that I switch to SEE since we are also teaching him to verbally communcate as well as I use verbal with my other kids and find it difficult to sign and talk at the same time. So in your opinion should I switch to SEE or just continue with ASL? I'm...
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    People from the north...

    This ice storm they are predicting us could knock out power and do ya'll do it? I have a fire place for heat, but I don't think I have flashlights or such for lights (and don't have money to get some) how do I keep the most heat in this one room and how do I walk the dogs to go...
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    I hate the back and forth feelings

    I left my husband Nov 13th since then we've tried marriage counseling and that seems to go okay. But it was brought up in the last session that he's a perfectionist and gets up set if I leave that toy we picked up off the floor on the bookself for more then a few days. But the thing is that we...
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    Crazy Weather in Arkansas!! Grrr

    Issued at: 9:49 PM CST 1/24/09, expires at: 6:00 AM CST 1/25/09 Winter storm watch remains in effect from Monday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon, A winter storm watch remains in effect from Monday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon for the following counties, In Arkansas...