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  1. Mani 420

    Coclear implant question

    Recently i purchased Nucleus 6 with one rechargeable battery and a charger kit. And i cant seems to connect charging adapter to battery charger. Battery charger requires round shaped pin whereas only cable i got from CR200 charging kit is for only remote control. Can you please send a...
  2. Mani 420

    Who is single here?

    Single since born :) hit me up ladies.
  3. Mani 420

    Marry out of U.S

    @ red2x2varoom I'm sorry to hear your story... You should've married to a lady who is same race as you... Thank you....
  4. Mani 420

    Marry out of U.S

    Sorry, I just forgot that I made a thread on AD... I know the lady and her whole family... We often do arranged marriage, my uncle (not deaf or HOH) brought her wife here, it was also an arranged marriage and now they have 3 kids and living happily in Houston, TX.... That's why I want to marry...
  5. Mani 420

    Marry out of U.S

    Hi! Can I marry outside of USA and bring my wife here when having Supplemental Security Income! I'm just curious... because I won't be finding my wife here in U.S.A I'm originally from Pakistan. And I have a U.S nationality.... I think it's hard, because U.S govt want me to have a...
  6. Mani 420

    Obama signs 21st Century Comm & Video Access Act

    lol at navyman, who believe 2012 is end of world!
  7. Mani 420

    Once Applied for first time SSI!

    Thank you. all for the info. Well I know I don't have to apply now because I need someone to support me when waiting for SSI. If I got denied it will be very hard on me. So I'm not applying for SSI. Well job loss is a very common now a days in America. My friend laid off he was an aircraft...
  8. Mani 420

    Once Applied for first time SSI!

    Because of low cost of living with my family which is currently in Pakistan. I'm an American Citizen it means I've lived in America more than 5 years and got my Citizenship permission. And well I can't get Unemployment because I'm unemployed more than 1 year. I just got to know about SSI a...
  9. Mani 420

    Once Applied for first time SSI!

    Okay, Thanks everybody. and my next question is should I apply for unemployment during waiting for my SSI?
  10. Mani 420

    Once Applied for first time SSI!

    Thanks for reply, I'm an American citizen, and I'm hard of hearing and I wear Cochlear implant. I don't have insurance nor do I have a job. And I'm from Pakistan. Okay so there my next questions is: After applying for SSI, do SSI people call you for a periodic meeting in person?
  11. Mani 420

    Once Applied for first time SSI!

    Do SSI people ask you to come to their office for further appointments after the first time you apply for SSI? How many times have you gone to SSI office to finally get your payment? And after you get approved, do you need to go to SSI office to pick up your money every month? Do SSI...
  12. Mani 420

    Hello from Indiana

    Welcome to Alldeaf, :wave: I'm from Indiana too. looking for job :roll:
  13. Mani 420

    what countries was you born in?

    PAKI :locked: STAN