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  1. Dream_Big61699


    My names Carolyn, I haven't been on here in a while but I'm not a stranger. :) I know there supposed be a forum for this but I couldnt find so I'm stuck with this one. Sorry! I know a lot of you hate it but I had to reach out. I am Hh and fluent in Sign. My boyfriend is hearing and because I am...
  2. Dream_Big61699

    Needing help

    Hey, so a friend of mine is pregnant. And she's Deaf. The father isn't around and her family doesn't know. She asked me for help and we have been talking about it. I'm Hard of Hearing and she was just having questions. What is it going to be like if her baby is hearing? As a young child, say one...
  3. Dream_Big61699

    Meeting People^^

    I'm Carolyn and self taught in Sign Language for the most part. i can sign pretty well but i don't really have anyone to practice and actually sign with/to. Id love to talk to people and anyone willing to help me with it. my skype is Carolyn_9912. i have a kik and snapchat too ^^
  4. Dream_Big61699


    [FONT="Book Antiqua"]Hiii:wave:, my name is Carolyn:laugh2: I am hearing but signing has always been a passion of mine. I know a lot but knowing how to sign doesn't do much when you don't have much practice actually holding a good conversation With someone. I would love to meet new people and...