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  1. darkdog

    The science is settled...

    Hehe. Best blog post title ever. The science is settled: Environmentalists are dicks | The DC Trawler
  2. darkdog

    Soldier owns Senator McCaskill (D-Mo)

    I once came across a survey that found that elected officials knew significantly less about our constitutional republic than the average American. Here is a soldier trying to fill in Senator Claire McCaskill on the nature of our Constitution and the limits it places on her power. YouTube -...
  3. darkdog

    Senators reject their own public health option.

    We should probably reject something when the very people forcing it on us reject it for themselves. That's a good indication they're more interested in grabbing power than actually improving our country. Their Own Medicine -
  4. darkdog

    The Full Disclosure Thread

    Ok, a few minor confessions. 1. My name really isn't darkdog. Nobody calls me that in real life. 2. That isn't actually me in my avatar. That's my trainee. He's going for my physique. I'd say he's about halfway there. I'm also his guitar teacher. 3. I don't actually live in the city of...
  5. darkdog

    Return of the Great Depression?

    I saw this today and it alarmed me. I'm afraid history is repeating itself. I posted about the abomination that is the "stimulus" bill here: I worry the effects will be similar to the Hawley-Smoot tariffs. For those...
  6. darkdog

    The stimulus boondoggle

    This was sent out by John Boehner in an email. So this stimulus package is currently $825,000,000,000 ($825 billion) and growing. The estimated 2009 deficit is $1,200,000,000,000 ($1.2 trillion) (Main Homepage Feature: January 7). Oh, and that figure does not include the stimulus package...
  7. darkdog

    States refusing federal bailout money

    I've never been a fan of my governor, Rick Perry, at least until now. I just came across this article that he and South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford, wrote for the Wall Street Journal last month. The only other governor I know that is refusing to ask for bailout money is Sarah Palin from...
  8. darkdog

    A way to induce temporary deafness?

    I'm hearing and have often wondered what it would be like to experience profound deafness. Even if I found near-perfect earplugs with 90+ dB attenuation, I would still be able to hear myself speak since the sound would travel through the jaw to my ear drum. I wonder if there's a way to...
  9. darkdog

    Some scary stuff every American should know about

    Here are some figures most people don't know about but should. Right now, our federal debt is around $10.7 trillion. Our future entitlement obligations are $53 trillion. Our annual tax revenues are around $2.7 trillion. We're having to borrow money from countries like China and print new...
  10. darkdog

    Obama says he will bankrupt new coal power plants

    Audio from a January 2008 interview with the San Fransisco Chronicle: YouTube - SHOCK Audio Unearthed OBAMA TELLS SAN FRANCISCO HE WILL BANKRUPT THE COAL INDUSTRY I found a transcription at Gateway Pundit:
  11. darkdog

    The Intellectual Honesty Quiz- McCain-Obama Edition

    The quiz is 20 questions long. It's up to you whether you post your answers or your results. Scoring is detailed at the end. Note: Some of the questions involve hypothetical situations. I included them only for the sake of discourse. I do not include them to infer they are likely or even...
  12. darkdog

    About to start research on speech recognition

    I'm currently working as an electrical engineer and not enjoying it, so I decided to quit my job and go to graduate school. Tomorrow is my last day of work and needless to say, I'm excited as hell! :rockon: My major will be electrical engineering and my area of research will be speech...
  13. darkdog

    Frequency Transposition Hearing Aids

    Hey guys. I have a few questions about frequency transposition hearing aids. Do they make any that shift the frequency up rather than down for the rare cases where hearing is better at higher frequencies? Also, do they ever have feedback problems? It seems to me that they wouldn't since the...