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  1. DeafDot

    Weird Foods

    Whatever we all say Y'know, after reading all of these posts here, it seems that a lot of people share a common taste in so-called "weird tastes" in eating habits. So how can we even consider our eating habits as unique? I'd bet my ass that out of many people in the world, about 5,000 share...
  2. DeafDot

    is it even NORMAL to hit a girl...?

    There is no damn excuse for either member of both sexes to strike one another, whether it be within a same-sex or different-sex relationship. It's simply WRONG to hit another human being - unless it is a final resort regarding self-defense. :nono: It's much better to use kind words to quell...
  3. DeafDot

    This pic reminds me of

    Re: This reminds me of DeafDot and Ironheartz at one of their swinger parties :laugh2:
  4. DeafDot

    i need help

    Well, it does make Deafies look bad. But consider how many hearing employers tend to reject highly eligible Deaf workers. I think it's no excuse for both Deaf and Hearing sides on this issue. Once Hearing people realize we're actually not that "disabled," and that we have our own culture, and...
  5. DeafDot

    Do you believe in God?

    My belief is... :roll: Well, well. Basically, when humans were primitive and needed to explain the world and experiences throughout their lives, they came up with stories, myths, magic, and miracles. Every human needs a crutch to keep themselves up through the trying trials of life itself...
  6. DeafDot

    any of y'll open minded?

    :crazy: Pal, she didn't turn into a lesbian overnight. She was born one. My mom told me that she used to have crushes on women ever since she was 3. Mind you, not SEXUAL crushes - but romantic crushes. But society back then was very condemning of homosexuality and her parents, family...
  7. DeafDot

    have anyone read archie and etc?

    I practically grew up on Archie comics and MAD magazines, so I feel great nostalagia for Archie and his gang. But as a liberal-minded adult, I hate him. He's such a pathetic wimp that gets an instant boner when he's kissed on the cheeks by Betty or Veronica. And don't get me started on my...
  8. DeafDot

    any of y'll open minded?

    That's true, yet very sad. :( My mother is a lesbian, and she came out of the closet to my grandparents during a heated argument over my parents' marriage status at the time. My grandmother was a bit hesitant in the beginning for a very short time, but she accepted my mother anyway. She...
  9. DeafDot

    any of y'll open minded?

    That's what swinging's all about, pal. ;)
  10. DeafDot

    any of y'll open minded?

    Damn, that sounds familiar... didn't you say the same thing to me and Ironheartz in another forum? :eek: :laugh2:
  11. DeafDot

    Smiley's {post your smiley's here}

    Made this one myself. It's my other cyberspace nickname. __________________________________________
  12. DeafDot

    No Easter Day?

  13. DeafDot

    any of y'll open minded?

    :confused: Interesting question. I've been told that the Deaf population has a bigger percentage of gays/lesbians, compared to the Hearing population. A Deaf friend of mine once commented to me, "Every time a Hearing person looks at a Deaf person, they usually label the Deafie as Gay or...
  14. DeafDot

    They always have a Bible in hotel rooms

    :laugh2: Wanna toke a bowl with me at the AD3 party? I'll bring the bible!
  15. DeafDot

    They always have a Bible in hotel rooms

    In a shitty motel, you'd definitely need a bible to pray that you'll survive the night in such a pisshole. :ugh: Seriously, it's bullshit. This country is a melting pot of many different races, faiths, creeds, and sexual orientations. Then why the fuck do they cram these christian beliefs...
  16. DeafDot

    pic of urself as opposite sex

  17. DeafDot

    DeafDot is surely one of the best deaf cartoonist.

    I'll do that - if I ever run out of ideas. Believe me, other people are the ones who help me come up with ideas, even if it's mostly by pure accident! ;) Thanks for the offer! :naughty:
  18. DeafDot


    Here's my twisted version of Smokey the Bear's dark side. _______________________________________ This drawing is copyrighted by Weston C. Andrews. Any unauthorized use without the artist's permission is not permitted.
  19. DeafDot

    The Pissed-Off Dog

    Show me the proof that someone else drew something like this, and I'll concede. It's actually my own original idea. ;)
  20. DeafDot

    Anyone like Garfield, the fat cat ??

    Grew up with a collection of Garfield. Drew him a lot as a kid back in the eighties. The art style and humor of Jim Davis' (Garfield's creator and artist) were one of the major influences in my drawing style - other than Marc Hanson's in the Ralph Snart series, Mort Walker's in Beetle Bailey...