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  1. SilverRoxy

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    I am figuring out which products make the most profits. Let me know if you have an idea for me to sell!
  2. SilverRoxy

    I have a cochlear implant.....

    I had surgery in 1992. I stopped wearing CI in I think 1997. I started wearing it again two months ago, I have a few questions about N6. I am looking for a mentor to help me figure things out like apps that CI recipients use to improve their speech and listening skills. I am too addicted to...
  3. SilverRoxy

    High school

    Sign up for Sorenson VRS or any other Deaf Video Relay Service online to chat with your Deaf/HH friends. It is free. It is a life-saving tool for me because I live in a very boring area! You are eligible because you have some hearing loss and you know some sign language.
  4. SilverRoxy

    Merry Christmas 2019

    Merry Christmas!!!
  5. SilverRoxy

    I'm a friendly guy worth your time and looking for a new circle!

    I have a skateboard but I am struggling to get on it. You made it look so easy! I think I am a lot older than you. I will be 38 soon. I am still very active. You haven't mentioned your age.
  6. SilverRoxy

    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    I would love to see your artwork!
  7. SilverRoxy

    Can't believe this place is dying....

    Alex should add the feature of all social media posts from the members on this website to keep this site active. I am not sure what this is feed or live streaming? Do you get what I am talking about?
  8. SilverRoxy

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    I feel like there are a million things that I haven’t learned yet. Why can’t hearing people just explain to me instead of laughing at me thinking how dumb I am? I feel limited in this way. There are some people who does not have patience to write down what they said to me. Why can’t they give me...
  9. SilverRoxy

    Can't believe this place is dying....

    I think Alex needs to be creative with this website to get people to come here. This website has almost never changed for many years.
  10. SilverRoxy

    Maverick Fisher...aka Zayden Blujay

    I don’t understand some deaf people’s way of thinking that they will get rich by asking for donations. I won’t give some people money because there are other ways to get what they want. It is usually a sign for me that they will spend money on the wrong things. Their wealth won't last long.
  11. SilverRoxy

    Music for deaf

    I am trying to figure out what kind of sign language she uses...International Sign Language?
  12. SilverRoxy

    Best ways to experience music

    That’s cool. I think it is cute that he played with your hands. Are you profoundly deaf? Where is the Seventh Symphony concert that he planning to go to? I dated a deaf guy last summer who was very into music. I loved watching him signing and singing to the music. His face was so full of...
  13. SilverRoxy

    Maverick Fisher...aka Zayden Blujay

    Is he definitely going to prison?
  14. SilverRoxy

    Best ways to experience music Go down to the February 15th event. I have very limited info right now because it is little bit too early for anyone to talk about it.
  15. SilverRoxy

    Best ways to experience music

    Sure, I will!
  16. SilverRoxy

    Best ways to experience music

    Good question. I have no idea!