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    Reintroduce myself

    Hello. Let's me introduce myself again. My name is Melon-- not real name heh. I'm also deaf. I use BSL-- British Sign Language and 5% of American Sign Language heh. I'm from United Kingdom-- not fan of it lately because of Brexit. BTW I used to come here until 2014. I feel regret as some sent me...
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    Make Friends oversea

    Hi, I'd love to befriend with deaf people and chat somehow and learn about our deaf culture, sign language and so much more. It might build my chance to meet up at deaf event or whatever -- honestly, I had never travel to other side of the world. I am deaf man and 28 yrs old. I love to...
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    Dear Gamers

    Do you guys playing a video game console? If so, what kind of console you own? I have a ps3, PSVita is all :/
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    Hellooo, deaf world!

    Hi! My name is Ste. I am profoundly deaf and a British (disgusted, isn't it). I'd like to make some good friends oversea because I'd like to know your own deaf culture and sign language. I have few hobbies; drawing, reading and playing basketball but haven't play it for age due to it is...