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  1. CoolieFroggie


    Hello Im just reviewing different pdas, I would need some feedback who ALREADY experience with those pdas. I had intersted in T-mobile Dash, T-mobile Wing, Blackberry 8300, Blackberry pearl and blackberry 7520 Please throw some good feedback or whatever you name.
  2. CoolieFroggie

    Internet News Captions?

    Im kinda grr with somebody don't put captions if we read any video news and there are NO captions.. do you think if have any way to download and have a subtiles on it? Care to Help?
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    after 2 years.........

    There somebody that I alway adore and love her every moments till today is her birthday... I will alway love you no matter what.... just want to wish you to have a BLAST birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLYFREE!!!!! :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :cuddle:
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    My Times with..

    My Handsome son, Sean... We went to my parent's house, we had a gifts open wayy early due my parent is going to gone to Texas so we had a early so we can be all as family. Sean love alot of gifts from me and Fly Free, He love spiderman laptop! enjoy the pic :cool: Sean with my two...
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    Trip Planner

    Hi I might need a help... do you know any of website that gives you the little flag or dots that tell you where gas station are when you are travel to anywhere.. I had been looking to find one so that way i can know to spend and what miles to the gas station.
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    feedback suggestion..

    I just happen thinking about this.. how do you like this.. NO bash allowed! I was happen think of this question if this woman/man who don't have a GREAT computer or anything like that.. they don't have a aim.. but they only can feel comfortable to access to the alldeaf. If this woman feel...
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    Winter is COMING!!!

    hello everybody.. winter is coming!! Im currently selling timberland boots.. there are varies of colors but sadly.. it's only for mens and its two different sizes.. 11 and 12. Im selling for 70 dollar each. Retail Price $145.00 Also i have few footwear left with varies of prices. Again...
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    A greaaat tips for anything!

    TIPS TIPS TIPS I decided to post this one and thought it will be nice to give away good tips for everybody. It can be easy and save $$$. For everybody if you know any of great tips, please do share with us. Ripened Tomatoes. You know the green tree top of the tomatoes, most of people...
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    can't see the new post because of this!

    it's frustred me, because i have to read ALL the post and i don't feel to read ALL of them, it's riclicous have me to read all of them so i can chase up to 1. right now im on 1 to 11 threads. Alex, how i can to delete faster than just read all of them?
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    International Relay calls?

    Im just out of curious I wondering if they have a international relay calls that we can all make a calls our friends outside of USA? If you guys know the link.. please refer in here so that way other people would like to use it. Im sure alot of people have a friends outside of USA, I do have...
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    slow computer? here is your tips!

    it's only way to increase this speed up on your computer if you do this. All programs in this site are offending and needs to be removed ASAP, even if you paid for it. 180 Search Assistant 180Solutions Active alert Ad Service AdTools AdTools Service Alexa toolbar BargainBuddy...
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    T-Moblie payment

    Today im having a hard time to get my t-moblie paid thru my pre-cash card and it's possible to get this to pay thru thier service that i just moved a city to city. unbelieve! I would have to drive 15 to 25 miles to that city to pay bill, i think it's stupid idea. I check my pre-cash card...
  13. CoolieFroggie

    Storage Sweet Corn on the Cob

    Fly Free and I happen saw a big sale 8 corn on the cob for 1.98, Cheap eh? So we are asking one of you guy who know how to storage the corn? so we can save it in any the future.
  14. CoolieFroggie

    which is best software u think?

    which software u think it's works better for you and why? Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware Internet Security what brand you would choose? what brand u would choose to prevent hacker in? what brand u would keep your computer system clean?
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    this is for my handsome son!

    Have a GREAT Birthday! Mom and Stephanie LOVE you very much!
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    I want to ask you the people the question.. **Fly Free, don't answer this question let them to answer** What is the closest to you? To Nyc or To the Moon? For the NYC people who lives there, what is the closest to you? Florida or the Moon? i will just wait and how many people know...
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    new logo for alldeaf

    i know it's totally up to alex but i was just playing around making different of logo.. so here is..
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    tips help

    im just want to get tips from one of you who have a ideas how to make your sofa to stay firm since i went to farbic store to get foam and found out it's too expensive to buy a foam pad to put under the cushions.. any ideas?
  19. CoolieFroggie

    Hell Sidekick

    OH yes it's very HELL of Sidekick for the one damn thing... Sidekick is so easy and awesome to contact Sidekick is as HELL for the damn voice mail! Fly Free and I got that and we struggle to delete it so one of you got it and you delete it.. give us a hit and tell me HOW we CAN delete...
  20. CoolieFroggie

    stove top help

    hi helpers FlyFree and I would need some tips how to rid the tough stains in the stove cups or whatever it's called.. we had try with Comet, any kind of the beach and it's won't come off.. same with Coffee and tea stains on the coffee pot any tips with that too..