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    Exercise, anyone?

    I have not done much with exercise lately. I miss outdoor workout but with work and take care of my home with disabled husband of mine. I decided to buy exercise equipments and thought I will do it everyday but I was wrong. I have no will to do them daily. Waste of $. I even got a new bike...
  2. J

    Bull horn

    How do we the deaf people deal with bull horn from the police alike it happened to me today. they order us to leave our home but not mandatary and we decided to stay home with animals. I am okay as long as my hearing husband is with me but what if I am alone and not aware of things like that...
  3. J

    Green First

    Any of you have try this?
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    Challenger Tragedy

    It had been 25 years as it was alike only yesterday.
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    Question about BitDefender Antivirus

    Are they good? I am shopping for renewal antivirus and need to do it asap before my old one is expiring in few days. Need a whiz computer to tell me if that is good one or not. Thank you for your time.
  6. J

    Any gift idea for 100 year old?

    My husband's grandmother will be 100 in March and I have no idea what to get her birthday gift. Any idea? She does not need alot of stuffs.
  7. J

    Happy Veteran's Day

    Thank you for protecting our country and the world.
  8. J

    Lost Tapes

    Have you see this TV show? I watched it first time few days ago and it still haunted me to this day. It was horrible to watch someone to die on those tapes.
  9. J

    Autumnal Equinox

    Happy Autumn Day to north hemsphire and Happy Spring day to south Hempshire. Tonight is beginning of Equinox.
  10. J

    Happy Grandparents Day

    This Monday, it is Grandparents Day. Happy Grandparents Day to AD grandpa and grandma. ;)
  11. J

    For guys only

    Will you stay home from work up to 6 weeks as maternity leave or goes back to work after child was born? My son stays home and take care of his new child and wife for 4 weeks then goes back to work. His buddies made fun of him. I was thinking when will some people start to accept we do not live...
  12. J

    BBQ Steel Brush

    People use bbq for outdoor cooking and they use steel brush to rub the oil off bbq. This is our lesson, we will buy new steel brush every year and threw it away used one. The one we had, it somehow fell off to ground and our little dog look for anything to lick off the ground where bbq was...
  13. J

    Vitamin D-3

    Anyone take those supplement? My doctor wanted me to take Vit D-3 for my immune and bone. I thought plenty sun do work wonder for me but now she said not enough. I am undecide on this one.
  14. J

    Being a grandma first time ever.

    I am so thrilled today to learn that my new grandbaby ( I had a dream it will be a boy, so we wait and see if I am right) will be born around Aug 25th. Right now he is a peasize of blob with strong heartbeat. It will be my first grandchild and I am so freak out by this, being a grandma. Me...
  15. J

    Clinic study for diabetic

    I may go into clinic study if I meet their criteria on Dec 2 for new drug to help me to lose weight and to balance my sugar level. I will get paid for doing this unless my hac1b keeps lower which I have past few months then I am off. Anyone who have gone thru clinic study for new drug...
  16. J

    Who do you think will win on Nov 4th?

    McCain or Obama?
  17. J

    Same, worst or better?

    I am wondering about d/Deaf population, are we getting better, same or worst. Alike living in poverty, before it was bad for many deaf people , now I am wondering if they are getting better with good paying job or getting help from our govt? Or still high percent of deaf poplulation still...
  18. J

    Do you know anyone survived ovarian cancer?

    I recieved a letter from my long lost old friend from high school, I have not heard from her for many years till yesterday and it brought me in tear. Now I wonder anyone know anyone who survived ovarian cancer and live for many more years?
  19. J


    I can not think of this title but I want to ask what do u think of those books should be banned in the library. After I read some about Palin tried to fired a head of library because she refused to remove a book from library shelf. I once asked a librairan about why do we have a devil...
  20. J

    Anyone experience whiplash?

    My husband and I were on way to met my son and his girlfirend tat restuarant to celebrate my husband's birthday last Friday evening, we were waited at red light and car behind me hit us hard but surprisedly no damage to our car except hers. It was pretty hard hit and my head went back forth...