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  1. BabyPhat21

    Great America Deaf Awareness Day

    Our sorority set up a Deaf Awareness Day at Great America. to see the flier go here Link 1 and print out the mail order (for those wth no credit cards) or go to the great america website to order online. Great America Link TICKETS MUST BE BOUGHT IN ADVANCE!!
  2. BabyPhat21

    Nor Cali Deaf Chili Cookoff

    I am the president of this organization.
  3. BabyPhat21


    Do you have hearing family that thinks you are rude cuz you dont do anything beyond saying "hi" like hug, kiss them or shake their hands...... my family keeps BITCHING me about this but this is who i am. I dont like to act fake. I am not an emotional or friendly or smiley person!!!
  4. BabyPhat21


    I hate how the word "dork" is popular and said too many times. It really REALLY annoys me! what the HELL is a dork ......its not positive and its bordering on offensive.
  5. BabyPhat21

    Cali Deaf Expo

    Who is going to Cali's HUGE Deaf Expo on Nov.5-6th in Anaheim????
  6. BabyPhat21

    Hearing into Deaf

    Would you date a hearing that is way involved in deaf world than you and thinks they are more closer/understand about deaf...... sometimes this is a turn off to me. I want to go out not because there is a "deaf social/event"
  7. BabyPhat21

    Lesson to Learn from Dating

    1. Don't spend too much money nor time on his birthday, because you may not get the same favor returned. 2. Spend to much time with him and let him know how available you are, kiss your relationship good-bye. 3. Express how much you love him, kiss your relationship good-bye. 4. Be too...
  8. BabyPhat21

    Deaf Gene

    Would you go to a genealogist to see if you have/carry the Deaf gene??? this goes for everyone even CODAs or people with deaf children...........I want to hear from all sides....
  9. BabyPhat21


    I hate that I have been peeing a lot in public now (at night time when no one is around)......I feel like i cant hold it any longer especially when i am driving home.......... Have you guys ever peed in public at night time?? I hate that its hard to find an open bathroom at night, unless you can...
  10. BabyPhat21

    Gay Parade/Events Manners

    What is proper for a hetreo to do when they attend a gay event, bar, club, parade, etcl.......... cuz I have had many friends that support gay rights and marriage but afraid to be hit on or mistaken for gay........ is there a shirt that says I support (rainbow picture) even though I am straight...
  11. BabyPhat21

    Stuck between two

    I am dating a guy right now, he is hearing but involved in deaf world, i tell him to be careful what he says and if he talks about me cuz he dont understand deaf gossip and backstabbing. ANYways, he is not my type but he is totally mad in love with me and I do think about him a lot and love to...
  12. BabyPhat21

    International Gay Parade

    Have you ever been in a Gay parade OUT of your country??? I saw some pics of it and it looks so cool and lots of fun!! if you have pics please post!
  13. BabyPhat21

    Germany Alert

    I remember there are some Deaf members here from Germany. My friend is in Germany right now for visit and he is hearing and an interpreter who is totally into Deaf culture and ways. He wants to meet deaf people or go to a deaf center in germany but cant find it and his friend who he is staying...
  14. BabyPhat21

    Shows : thumbs down

    I love gay people, I respect them and support gay marriage BUT there are some gay shows/characters that I dont like.......Will and Grace, Ellen show, plus a few others.........I totally love the show "Queer eye for the straight guy" and a show called rainbow flag or something on hbo, it has been...
  15. BabyPhat21

    angel or devil

    Is it better to act perfect and sweet and nice than to say what you really think and act more like a "bitch". I am a nice person with a heart for volunteering, animal rights and world culture/religions but people think i am a bitch cuz of the things I say and how I act....I sometimes think I...
  16. BabyPhat21

    AD hookups

    I am noticing more members are hooking up and even in their signature they mention their partner's whats up with this........what did i miss.. who is an official hookup (on AD) and how did it happen? or are you just flirting with each other???
  17. BabyPhat21

    Deaf Peeves

    We have threads talking about what we hate about hearing people, I am creating one about deaf...DO NOT BASH HERE.......It is not being anti deaf. we can speak freely after all we are deaf ourselves. One: i dont like how some deaf dont like if you are oral or tend to walk away when they find...
  18. BabyPhat21

    so weird

    I oouldnt get on for a month!! for some reason, it kept saying that my user name and password is not correct. Since I moved back to bay when school was finished, i set up my computer and oddly enough two weeks later I am able to get on AD...........what the HELL........... I dont know if its AD...
  19. BabyPhat21

    Former straight life

    I am curious, I have heard of people coming out of the closet after divorce or a serious relationship with the opposite sex.......I was wondering who here has been in that position before and explain why didnt come out sooner?
  20. BabyPhat21

    easter rap

    my friend sent me this cute link check it out easter rap