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  1. The Silent Seed

    HOH and new to the community

    Good morning Emily. I'm Jude. Welcome!
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    Babaro - sorry you had to endure that date! This is not related to dating, but when I had a store, this guy from the local newspaper would stop by almost every day, and spend about 2 hours just talking to me, and trying to get me to buy his newspapers. He just wouldn't take any hints to leave me...
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    Personally - I would much rather be with somebody who doesn't assume that I don't enjoy certain things based on my being deaf. Communication is key.
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    There are also silent films, and foreign films.
  5. The Silent Seed

    Looking for my forever person

    I'll put this out there just in case! I'm 43, fully deaf, and have a tropical plant business. I have a great sense of humor, good values, and love nature, the ocean, reading, and my work, as well as just enjoying life with that special someone. I hope to meet an intellectual woman who is happy...
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    Why would you say that a hearing person is uneducated for recommending a movie or going out to eat?
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    Can't believe this place is dying....

    Valorrian - great idea - I'd love to know if you find one.
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hello! I just found this thread - very cool! I use Signed English, but can converse in ASL as well. I'm looking to make some friends as well. Best, Jude
  9. The Silent Seed

    Growing plants anyone?

    Hey guys - been off of here for a while due to inactivity. Rio - I'm happy to help! Do you have any plants in particular you'd be interested in trying? Please feel free to reach out to me. Jude
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    Can't believe this place is dying....

    I'm not FB - hate it - what else is out there these days? I'm looking for an active online community to get to know more deaf / hoh people.
  11. The Silent Seed

    Can't believe this place is dying....

    Nor did I ask you to.
  12. The Silent Seed

    Can't believe this place is dying....

    Banned people generally earn it. Common sense and courtesy goes a long way, and not just online. I wish this place would be more active, too. It's up to us to make it more active. Shall we?
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    newbie, any deaf electrician here?

    Hi guys, Are any of you electricians in Massachusetts / nearby?
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    People like you - meaning what?

    People like you - meaning what?
  15. The Silent Seed

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Calvin - Oh wow - I totally forgot about that lamp plug one! I hated that thing - sleeping soundly, and all of a sudden, bright light in my face! A necessary evil for sure. (It's long gone though!) The bed shaker was more like a pillow shaker and did not wake me up.
  16. The Silent Seed

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Did you check under your bed or in your closet? ;) Do you think you are hearing something, or is it more of an internal sensation?
  17. The Silent Seed

    Posting / adding pictures

    Got it - I think - thank you very much!
  18. The Silent Seed

    Posting / adding pictures

    Thank you! Tried a few - all were too large - what are the size requirements? I can try to change the size ? ?
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    Posting / adding pictures

    Hi folks, Sorry if this has been discussed in the past - I couldn't find my specific issue. When I click on "attach files" either in an album, or in a post, the picture will "upload" but won't appear as a tab, and when I try to post, nothing shows up. Your help would be appreciated. (I'm on my...