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    Deaf, hearing relationships

    I'm a hearing person who met a deaf person, and I really like him. I'm learning to sign, and currently we communicate using a little of everything; signing, writing on paper, emailing. I'm determined to do whatever it takes to learn to communicate with him. He's a really nice guy, and him...
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    Signing in Public

    I've been wondering about this for awhile, and thought if I could ask the question here I'm a hearing, and since ASL is visual. How does deaf communicate in public where others can see what they are saying? I went to a convention recently for both hearing and deaf, and when I signed, I...
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    Signing with Left and right hand

    Hi, I'm currently self-taught, and I think I thought I was signing in ASL, but maybe it's more like signed english, because I'm signing what I say right? Well, until I can begin taking classes in the fall, I'm studying by watching videos. Since the person who is demonstrating the signs is...
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    How do you approach Deaf group

    Hello, I am taking ASL classes and when I called the community college they told me that there is a deaf group that meets once a month at a coffee house near where I live. They told me to come, but I know no one. How do I approach the group, and explain that I was told to come? and will be...