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    Seeking older woman. 48+

    Hi. Seeking relation with older woman.I am 62 yoyng for age. Living in ND untul retire to west coast. HOH getting to be severe. Ok 'call me'. Tim
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    chat rooms?

    anyone know of a free chatroom all ages or older ages? 58 here :wave:
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    I been gone again. Realize thread locked. Have to say the idea of assimilating into a new country is important. Don't know foreign immigration laws but am betting that most require assimilating into new countries cultures as part of of immigrating. You sign up for it, thems the rules. Don't...
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    Target Insurance Companies

    Over the years......the thing that made health care ridiculously expensive was unregulated insurance cost....but the tripwire was malpractice suits........ridiculous lawsuit over tiny stuff...if you had the money for good lawyers you could force a settlement rather than docs paying lawyers to...
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    AIED....Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease. 1% cause of deafness. Although I was born HOH...I developed Rhuematoid arthritis teen years and last few years getting worse and the AIED kicking in. More hearing loss....maybe going deaf if it kicks in another notch. More troubling is the...
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    Political wimp Osama McBama

    Hillary recieved the endorsement of major Pittsburg newspaper owned by the man who tried often to destroy Bill clinton. He admires her political COURAGE. The courage to vote and risk the losing votes. Obama is a political wimp in it to make votes only. He was consistently absent on...
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    Pro-choice and death).....(only pro-choice and death comment)

    OK...let start a Pro-choice topic and death topic and ask pro-lifers to stay out of it...... My prediction is that they won't stay out of it as they find it to be thier sacred duty given first hand by higher power to interfere in others lives. Pro-choicers did fairly well in staying out of...
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    Seeking old friend

    OK I'm not new here but am seeking deaf lady name Randy near Troutdale, Oregon or Washington side of Columbia River. Also, Monterey, CA. @45-48 Please have her contact me here. Redhead Tim... Santa Cruz Catalyst. Thanks a bunch.
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    hello from calif north coast

    hi....first time profile yet...but single/m/50/fit....ok laters....peace out:cool: