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  1. Alesander Carson

    Enrolled in asl 1 and asl 2..

    So I just enrolled in ASL 1 and ASL 2 and I'm wondering if anyone has taken it yet? How is it?
  2. Alesander Carson


    Last week, I finally went to an Audiologist and took multiple hearing tests and finally got a diagnosis. I have been diagnosed with 'Congenital Hearing Loss'. The doctor told me that I was born with it, but I had completely known what it was. Being a pre-Med student, I have prior knowledge in...
  3. Alesander Carson

    Is it weird?

    Is it weird and annoying that I watch TV with the captions on? My friends hate it and claim it gives them a headache.
  4. Alesander Carson

    Regionals for quiz bowl...

    Today, I'm competing against other schools to see who goes forward to state and as some of you would already infer, it's very difficult to hear the questions, especially from moderators who aren't experienced as others. So when me and my teammates ask them to repeat the question and they say no...
  5. Alesander Carson


    I got accepted into PennState! Toxicology major, I really wonder if there is an ASL class close to there, or a deaf group. I hope so.
  6. Alesander Carson

    Social interaction

    Today was the first day I attempted to have fun with my old friends. One of the hardest things is having them know that I have hearing problems, but they don't attempt in any way to put me at ease. But still, I call them my friends and try to have fun. Half the time, I miss some things that...
  7. Alesander Carson


    So, I'm planning on teaching one of my friends the ASL alphabet so she can somewhat better understand me. I'm just not comfortable with speaking anymore. I'm not really comfortable feeling like the 'disability' Kid, because I'm not. So I don't sign at school, I usually just write or type so...
  8. Alesander Carson


    It's my first day on and I already cannot wait to meet people that are just like me, and that understand me. This should be way more popular than it is and really should have a mobile application that could be downloaded. I'm really wishing that I would've located this community the second my...
  9. Alesander Carson

    Being hard of hearing is hard

    So, I am a senior in high school and has experienced a significant loss of hearing within the last six months. I'm a person who tries to find the best way to become accustomed to the new environment or find a way to adjust. Considering the circumstances I'd say that I've somewhat conformed...