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  1. lindtoholic

    Provisions for deaf children in school - differences?

    This is just something I'm interested in rather than seeking any answer, but I'm just curious about what other countries provided for their deaf students in schools. Myself? I attended a mainstream school, and throughout my school life I had a learning assistant who assisted me with my...
  2. lindtoholic

    Getting new hearing aids?

    Hi there! :) I've recently been to see a doctor at my university's health centre re. my hearing, and have now been referred to the nearby audiology department as it's been quite some time since I last had a hearing test. I'm thinking about potentially asking for some new hearing aids whilst...
  3. lindtoholic

    Getting help from friends.

    So, this is a similar topic to what I was discussing in the relationships forum, but it branches out into friendships and I was just wondering how is best to really deal with the whole deaf vs. hearing predicament that I know others have been in. To put it simply, though my friends are aware...
  4. lindtoholic

    Conflict in relationship over deafness.

    Over the weekend I went to Download Festival, where the weather had brought about severe levels of mud - we're talking thick and clay-like mud which was up to ankles in some cases (if not higher), being walked on/through by over 70,000 people from Wednesday-Monday. Granted, on Saturday and...
  5. lindtoholic

    Hi there!

    I just felt I should introduce myself before I start making threads. I should have signed up to this forum (or another) a long time ago, but truth be told I always shied away from doing so. I have been deaf ever since I was born, but due to picking up lipreading skills very early on (and somehow...