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  1. J

    annoyed with newbies and starting useless threads

    Suggesting a feature that blocks new users from starting threads until they contributed ceratin number of posts ? They can only start one intro thread in the intro section thats it until certain number of posts have been contributed to show seriousness. It gets tiresome seeing spammers...
  2. J

    hate the car - what to do? bank loaned

    OKay heres the situation. HATE MY CAR. ITS POS! worst SUV i've ever owned. its a JEEP- wrangler its a 2x4 and drives like crap. Already RUST on it and its only a 2010 I owe 7k left on it, its worth 10k private party value with 90k miles now Hate the car with passion, i've put all of my...
  3. J

    request list of current working vrs possible?

    Was wondering if there was a thread out there that had current list of current vrs companies thats still in business or do we alll have to sort thru all threads as its overwhelming trying to figure out whos in biz and whos not and make it stickied so its not a hassle.
  4. J

    Is there bed alarm system for cellphone and doorbell?

    Got a question Is there like a ultimate bed alarm system where I can hook up to the doorbell system somehow and it also go off if I hook up and set up my cellphone to it so if I'm called in middle of night I'm easily awaken? Or is there another type of system. LIGHTS do not work with my eyes...
  5. J


    :wave: Dead ears I got. I speak in gibberish, fluent ASL and do not make me using my voice as it'll come out as a roar heard miles away. :naughty: I'm a Midwesterner. I believe in celebrating your birthday and unbirthday everyday with a cake, rich in sugar!