What kind of animals do you have?


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1 dog, he's Jack Russell terrier/Chihuahua mix, drives me crazy. He's too hyper.
Also have a 5 gallon aquarium with 2 neon tetra fish, and 5 African dwarf frogs. I love watching the frogs, they're pretty neat.


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An american pit bull terrier-no not the monsters with the huge heads being sold as pit bulls nowdays. An actual american pit bull terrier not the american bully which is different from the american bulldog. :)
and a lazy basset hound which I adore that we got from a rescue group. The APBT I found on the side of a road when she was only 8 weeks.


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What sort of horses do you have?

I had horses, my last one died nearly 3 years ago, he was an ex race horse (irish TB) which I retrained into riding horse. Very sweet boy and I miss him so much.
I intend to get another one, one day.]

Hi, i know how you feel because i have lost a amazed pony who was my pony of lifetime.

i have a Comtois, a newfoal who is Comtois X WB and ID X WB. yep 3 horses <3


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I have 1 Bearded dragon, 3 Skinks and 1 egg, 1 Tokay gecko, 1 West Highland Terrier and too much budgies in avairy!! Looking to collect more! Ha!! :laugh2:


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Lets see: All rescue either formally or from a bad place unless otherwise noted-

1 ornate box tortoise - dumped, non-native...
1 dog, (Greyhound - retired racer)
2 goldfish - were going to be dumped into the river...
3 rabbits (bought, 2 lionheads and an broken English- all female)
3 cats, two dumped by a service man, one from under my house
11 ducks (6 dumped on me...)
13- doves (ring necks in both blond (white) and other colors))
20 - chickens (some were hatched here)

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Steinhauer, love those pics of your mama dog! Is that 5 puppies she's nursing or 6? They all look adorable.

Me, I have two silver mini-poodles, one a rescue, one from a quality breeder. Love 'em to pieces.


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my pet

I have a Jack Russell Terrier. Her name is Coco. I love her so much since I got her when she was a puppy. She's a friendly dog. She's 10 now. When she dies someday, I am going to get a Border Collie puppy. Does anybody have experience own a Border Collie? Any advice? Thanks!


I have my white cat now but my American Eskmio dog died from problem breathe of kennel cough last spring time. His name is Teddy Bear but I called him "Bear". I still feel missing him so much.

I will plan to buy new american esmkio puppy soon. I am still thinking of naming it "Frosty" because of all white fur.


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We have ALOT of pets here, lol

We have two dogs, Mila and Bella, they are Red heeler/black lab/ German Shepard mix. They are one years old.

We have two cats, Simba and Nala. They are 2 years old.

We have Tank of Fish and three corn snakes (Ewww but Ricky (My fiancee) loves them.

NO more pets for now! Lol... we are done!


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I have a 4lb Maltese/Poodle her name is Marley. We got her just a few months before I got sick. She never lets me stay sad and keeps me going by her funny playful ways. She absolutely has to get in the shower with me or will pout about it for awhile. Funny, funny dog. I believe she's a gift and has helped me through this journey. I just love her!!!!!


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I have just one dog. I lead such a sheltered life. I would love a couple birds maybe cockatiels. I want a tropical fish tank. I would love a turtle tank. perhaps a hairless cat. Oh, and while I am fantasizing, I really want a live Cheetah. Of course no one here would have ever guessed that last one, right? :giggle: