What do you do when hearing family comes over?


When I was younger.. I had a tough time fitting in with my cousins ( we all are of similar ages) and now we are older, I talk to them more.

I chat with my aunts and uncles fine, they usually speak a little slower around me or if I ask for a repeat, they'll say it again.

But dinner conservations with aunts, uncles, cousins? I just sit there and eat my food lol.


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Ha, that is how I became a really good cook. I figure if I have something to do -- create amazing things in the kitchen --- I can amuse myself without having to come down with typhoid for the afternoon. I cook, they let me be. That's my solution at this point. Not all bad, but we are all getting fat. Ha.


I enjoy spending time with my family. We like talking about anything. Gotta to love to kiss and hug them. They are very important to me. That's all it matters. They don't treat me any differently because I am profoundly deaf.


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if my family mother sister i would put aids in and turn them off..i dont have to get involved in their born again christian twaddle...i be surpprised if they came over never do.


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I look at the clock after hugging and welcoming everyone. If it's close to meal or snack times I offer food and drink. We enjoy ourselves, sharing food, hugging and being together. People who love each other can communicate without words. We sit together, play cards, watch tv, they talk, I absorb the feel of people I love coming to see me.

Now if a person who is a bung comes over and wants to stop the fun, we just chuckle and let them go on. We do pretty well.

It is very different in someone else's environment. It isn't very comfortable if they don't or won't sign or write. If they have short tempers or short patience. Those people are usually avoided. My husband's family is ok. I usually bring my knitting. Some want me to teach them to knit. Some others want me to teach the kids some easy ASL. I don't mind. It's involvement.