What are you doing right now? Part II


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Just finished watching The Scarlet and the Black, on torrent sites.

Based on a true story, about an Irish priest working in the Vatican in WW2 who saves escaped Allied POWs while Rome is under the control of the Nazis. Excellent cast. Gregory Peck plays the priest. Christopher Plummer plays the Nazi colonel in charge of Rome - I had to overcome some cognitive dissonance at this casting, but he was, of course, exceptional. John Gielgud plays the Pope.

A great find! Full of old-fashioned heroism. Highly recommended.


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Finally get to relax a bit after a long hours at work, it winded down for a while. Typically after January, then may pick up again in the spring.

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Hey y'all. I want to come to checking AD. Oh boy, 2019 and 2020 were my worst years. My grandmother was passed away in Fall 2019. I had been in Hospital twice last year. In May, I had a kidney problem, and next month I thought I had heart attack, I went to the hospital once again but Doctors told me I had lung and chest fumes, not COVID related. I am feeling a lot better. I was staying home rest of last year.
I am having some hot chocolate and catching up on tomorrow’s weather forecast… I’m hoping they get it right, that is and that tomorrow is going to be above freezing-

Goodnight y’all


What am I doing right now!, I'm typing this!!:type: & waiting for the rain to stop, so I can carry mowing the lawn & the neighbours might even get their footballs back.:laugh2: