Want let y'all know


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I want to let y'all know that I won't be online for while due move new place soon next week also i just turn PM OFF n REQUET FRIEND OFF too for while...bec i will not have time to check ad or online and ects.. till everythings settle new place ects.. and i don't know when i will come back, pls respect and don't ask me to come back bec there can't promise abt that :) cuz i will be busy rest this summer the reason i m pretty worry about my health and i m gonna make call to an appt for check up test Cancer if i have cancer or not cuz of my family history who already gone due that expect my brother have one too but he is cancer-free good thing that i don't lose my brother yet. That why i won't be online for while till my health is coming frist since i m pretty worry about that i m only 33 year old that why it's time important for me gonna to see doctor in summer everthings is ok with my health or not...

Good new that My cousin alysha just already have baby recently again since she already have two daughters and now last baby is born (thrid) now,I m glad for her! and she and her new last baby is pretty GREAT :)

Those Mothers in here ADers i wuld like said HAPPY MOTHER DAY! i know not till trw but wanna said early today ;)

That's all i can said...Caio :wave:


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I will keep on messing your hair until you come back to AD. :giggle: just kidding.

I hope everything gonna be ok for you and hope it will be a smooth one.

I do hope your moving to new place will be smooth.

Congrats to your cousin about her 3rd baby.



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Ahhh Panther ya moving to a new place?? Congrats... good luck and hope it go smoothly for ya as well.. and as for your health concern.. hope the doc will be sure to check and have ya been given the clean bill of health as well.... do take your time to come back here, we will wait for ya to be ready to jump back in... good luck!!


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hope every goes well and with your move
i will pray that your health will go well hope that everything don't go wrong hugs
and be peace smile


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Hope you will have a smooth move and good luck with your doctor visit and hopefully you don't have cancer. :hug:


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Good luck with the moving and settle in new place. Also I will pray for you and hope you are cancer Free. Just think positive. :)


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Take your time Panther hope everything goes smooth for you. That's wonderful news about your aunt. Hang in there :)


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Congrats! on your new place LBG and also, will pray for your health, take your time :hug:


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Congratulations on finding a new place, I wish you well, take all the time you need. You'll be missed. :hug:


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Take as much time as you need. :) I hope it'll be a smooth sailing for you and congratulations to your cousin for her newborn baby.


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Don't worry about missing out on new posts here, the important thing is that you get what you need to do done.


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Hope moving to a new place will not be too stressful for you.

Stay positive and Godspeed that you don't have cancer.


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Aww you will be missed but u just do what u have to do and do it for urself.

Hope you have a stress free of moving into ur new place and that it will be a place of happiness for you.

Hope that your tests for your health will be a clean bill of health and wish you all the luck that will help you get thru one day at a time.

Take care my friend and hope to see you back in here in the near future when all things are well for you.

Hugss you and will be thinking of u.


Sorry to hear of your recent health problems, so will pray
for you!
Congrats on your new place and i know it is exciting, especially
when you can start decorating!
We will miss you! Come back in here when you have time!
Take care of yourself, now! :wave: