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Aug 13, 2019
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I have a special place in my heart for healers, when I was sick unto death my wife (X) took my dogs, well I didn't die so when I got back home she decided to keep my dog even though she is allergic to them, long story but he keeps her alive, waking her at night when she quits breathing, so I let her keep him. But I have always had many fury and feathered friends, oh the stories I could tell of the owl the eagle the time I was going to dig a rut seller an some fairer pigs showed up to turn it into a pond (witch I needed) I've had cows, horses come graze my lawn down when I couldn't keep it mowed not to mention the dear, now I have a nesting pair of road runners that Grace me weekly and my favorite a pair of blue healers that visit me most days and when they have pups they always bring them, it's like having grand children I don't have to feed or care for them, but I get to enjoy and spoil them then they go home. Oh there's so many more I'm leaving out like the chipmunk, and oh so many more.:kiss: