Hello Everyone!


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My name is Keiralee! I'm 17, I am hearing, and am very enthusiastic about learning ASL! I've started teaching myself with those Bill Vicars videos (along with a whole bunch of little videos meant for kids) and I really love the language! The other day, while I was running a rehearsal for a local elementary school play, I was able to converse with one of the kid's mothers, who was deaf, and it was an incredible experience. I've always loved languages, and the cultures that come attached to learning them. I'm excited to get better at ASL, and to learn more about Deaf Culture!


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Hi everyone :)

I'm a hearing guy also, and I'm watching Bill Vicars video too. I think, this is the best to learning ASL. It is not the easiest to me because the English not is my mother tongue, but I can practise the English too :P