Hello everyone! Not new here. Been a while but my first introduction.

Carlos Ruiz

Sep 30, 2016
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Hello everybody! Haven't introduced myself but been here for a while.

I'm Carlos, from Mexico been living in FL for 6 years. I'm constantly evolving myself at a salvage speed every single day. All I know it's that I work hard to be in my ideal life.

A lone wolf, avid reader, deaf, very hardworking, mindful, self-improvement seeker, dancer, sporty

Deaf People in my area consider me that I'm HOH just because I am orally fluent (my mom wanted me to train talking because she likes talking to people) and can hear (but really badly) or my sign language is on my way. Or because I just wear hearing aids, that automatically means I'm HOH. I was born with hearing loss and it's been a nightmare dreaming and making effort so much about being social and I wanted to be social but living with hearing loss can be even too challenging in a hearing world.

I don't think I am HoH because it's for people with moderate and mild loss. I think I'm deaf I'm just me because my loss is severely profound and there are too many things that I can't hear like social settings, media, noisy places etc. In short words, I barely learn something new just by listening to people like, you know, I can't get stimulated anything that people are trying to say or talk about a specific topic. Like literally definitely I can't listen to anything. The only way I know I can listen to it's where going to calm, quiet places with 1-3 people without noise involved.

I hope to find new friends to chat because I'm afraid to lose my ASL practice.

See you later, guys! :D
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