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I am a senior citizen with high frequency nerve deafness. They did not have hearing aids for me until I was in high school. Of course, hearing aids do not restore all the lost hearing.

I wondered what kind of problems others have trying to fit into a hearing world. The biases that I have run into are such that I have never earned as much as others do -- which in part is probably my fault because I have one of those generic college degrees.

I think, maybe I am wrong for thinking this way, that it makes dating quite a challenge. Some people think they need to shout if I don't understand what they said.

On the other hand, I find my deafness is a blessing because I don't hear some of the bunk that is going on.


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Hi ! How come it took so long for you get hearing aids. I was 8 yo when people realize I was HOH. UGH! It's that horrible that people think it's OK to yell b/c you didn't understand what they said.