Greetings from North Carolina!


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Hi everyone!

I'm pleased to be able to register in this bullentin board after it changed its colors. It made things easier for me to read.

I'll introduce myself briefly. My name is Chasity. I'm from North Carolina. I graduated from North Carolina School for the Deaf in 1995 and went straight to Gallaudet University. Unfortunately, I did not graduate from Gallaudet University. In fact, I only completed one semester at Gallaudet University.

I was born Deaf and legally blind. I grew up Culturally Deaf and have been raised an ASLer. ASL is my first and native language. Then WRITTEN English followed as my second language. I am quite fluent in Braille because of my poor eyesight. To further expand my knowledge of languages, I know SOME written Portuguese. I cannot speak or lipread. I even cannot comprehend words with/without hearing aids/auditory trainers.

My views are mostly consisted of what a Deaf Culturist possesses. I'm a strong supporter of ASL and am dead-set against cochlear implants in kids, oralsim, and other "hearing-minded" related methods. However, I might will support Cued Speech/English when I have full understanding of how the method works. Actually, I'm more interested in seeing d-Deaf people to develop BOTH good ASL and English skills. This is why I'm all for Bi-Bi education.

Ok, enuff said for now. :)
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Welcome to AD, LadyDuke. I'm glad you find this board easier to read.

Enjoy your stay. :)


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Thanks for the warm welcome! :)

I may not post as much as the AD partons would because of my busy schedule. Nevertheless, I'll drop by whenever I can.


:gossip: Girlies... LadyDuke has arrived here from "you know where!!".. let's give her a warm Charlie's Chickies welcome!!! :grouphug: Welcome to ADv2 LadyDuke.. the Charlie's Chickies consists of Freakychickie, MamaKatziechickie (yes, you saw right, she' s going to be a Mama!) and finally, Lizachickie! You know us, chickies, from the "other forum" *nods my head over there!* :lol: I'm glad you posted what you were interested in... I'm also for Bi-Bi education as I was raised with Bi-Bi and ASL. Enjoy posting in ADv2! ;)


:wave: *Welcome to the & Have fun by postings* :wave:

@LadyDuke... interesting report of you