Do you think the Deaf-community is similar to the LGBT+ one?

Does the Deaf community share some similarities with the LGBT+ community?

  • Yes, it shares some similarities

  • No, they're too different

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Jan 6, 2021
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I'm wondering if you think the Deaf community and the signing community are similar to the LGBT+ one, and what you think about a letter equivalent similar to LGBT+. The reason I'm asking is because of both the LGBT+ community and Deaf community had to fought hard to be accepted in society. In the past, but also in modern time, authorities tried to mainstream everyone to make them fit in, abandon their culture and be like the majority. Both LGBT+, Deaf and indigenous people have experienced exclusion. Therefor I'm wondering what your opinion is and if you're agree or disagree.

Examples on words similar to LGBT+ could be:

* Dhdv (Deaf, hard of hearing, deaf, very visual learners) - Very visual learners may include auditory processing disorder and other who communicates better visually.
* DCKdAh (Deaf, CODA, KODA, deaf, auditory processing disorder, hard of hearing).
* Dshdcka (Deaf, signers, hard of hearing, deaf, CODA, KODA, auditory processing disorder).

If you've any suggestions on abbreviation, you can add them in the comment. I just made some abbreviation without putting pronunciation into consideration. :)

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Aug 13, 2019
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Only similarities were all different in our own way, not only groups but with in groups, all in need of $@[/@[+'0#


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Nov 23, 2020
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The deaf were deaf. They were people in their own way like all people. Individuals.

The alternative lifestyle took hold in MSD among the Girls first in the middle to highschool as a cool thing back in the 80's thereabouts. So... that was pretty much underground and kept in the dorms as it were not approved or supported by most staff or state rules, laws etc. There were some staffers who were helpful to some in that department. Others were predators. They in time face justice. As a teen some of the people were not compatible with dating or sexual things growing up after a certain age because they prefer to be with themselves as it were. So its all good. I would say about 10% total in those days. Probably less than that across the USA having met others over the years. Its not my lifestyle. But I do not worry about someone choosing to live this way or that way. Its specifically their own choice, its a free country or is supposed to be.

Fast forward 20 years I consider the deaf community one as it always has been. And the alternative community in society quite their own structure. I know and have met people who are part of that at times in my life and its not a problem because sign language was the one thing in common, with the exception of a few non deaf who spoke english etc. Its a reflection of Society. I don't have any position on either one of these two subjects as a general rule.

From what I remember among those in school years trying to live that lifestyle, they had to do it in secret. As long they were not caught they were free about it. That was decades ago. Society is less of a problem for obvious reasons as that lifestyle progressed for a percentage of us.

Deaf is deaf. You can have different issues within the deaf community just like among the hearing in all peoples. But to try and make micro groups and divide each group further defeats the purpose. Keep in mind that most deaf prefer not to be classified into a small space and called this or that or something or other. They are people who simply cannot hear well or at all with all other peoples in society whatever it might be. Some are following the alternative lifestyle. Its a form of personal choice and there it stays. When I talk with deaf in deaf church on sunday or wherever I do not think about this or that or some other group doing this or other. I think of all deaf as people. Now, some are known to be making choices that part of society may not approve of. But thats their freedom of choice in their own particular life for better or worse. And thats where it stays.