1. VisualistGang

    Do you think the Deaf-community is similar to the LGBT+ one?

    I'm wondering if you think the Deaf community and the signing community are similar to the LGBT+ one, and what you think about a letter equivalent similar to LGBT+. The reason I'm asking is because of both the LGBT+ community and Deaf community had to fought hard to be accepted in society. In...
  2. A


    Hello, I am Amy. I am 33 years old and deaf... I think. I have 100-120dB hearing loss and this happened in adulthood. I am learning ASL but I also speak. I am thinking about getting cochlear implants. I want to refer to myself as deaf, but I don’t know if that is disrespectful because...
  3. A

    Am I Hard Of Hearing?

    When i am in normal day conversations, I find myself asking "what" a lot. I can be a couple of feet away from someone and not be able to understand what they are saying. Last week in class I was having a conversation with two people in front of me. They could understand each other fine even...
  4. L

    Research For A Writing Project

    I'm a writer by nature and my mind asks questions. Then I need to answer them in the form of story, so I'm hoping I can find someone who will help me. Someone who won't mind answering questions, so that I get this right for not just me. Here's the basics of what I have: My main character is...