Combined name signs?


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A name sign (in ASL) represents the concept of that specific person. That means, it fits the person's personality or a physical characteristic, or position within the family (especially families with Deaf parents). It's not a translation of the individual's English name. That is, there is no ASL sign name for Kevin or Kathy. There are some name signs now that do initialize, or represent a noun that happens to match the person's name. That's usually due to SEE influence or hearing people assigning the name. Not always but usually.

Sometimes an actual sign name isn't necessary. Some short names are easy to spell or develop into a loan-sign form. Others just use combinations of their initials.

Note to hearing people who aren't yet fluent in ASL--be very careful that a sign name you pick doesn't have another, embarrassing meaning. :giggle:


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I had a friend whose name started with 'C'. His name was the same as a lot of other people's, so we started referring to him by his last name.

Anyways, before I met him... his sign name was different because of his facial hair. He had a goatee that never developed properly resulting in what looked like a hairy 'C' on his face. So, that was his sign name... gestering the 'C' over your mouth. I don't know how long it lasted, but was later changed for two reasons... finally started growing hair in that hairless spot... and the gesture looked "naughty".