Are there any deaf real estate agents?


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Yeah, I was thinking about this, too (except with
only one drawback)
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FelixKat930 said:
Because I am thinking abouto majoring into real estate and I am also very good with computer skills. What classes do I have to take and how long is this? I hope that I am not the only one! :TY: :)
I don't know what state you live in, but in Illinois the Real estate classes are 45 classroom hours, then you take a test to pass the class. You have 2 chances to pass the test. After that you take the state exam ( 3 chances to pass that one). I just took my state exam and passed it (on the second try :giggle:). All i can tell you is study, study, study!!. I am a hearie but it makes no difference whether you can hear or are ddh, as long as you study away! Good luck, :)


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Endymion said:
But before you think about giant amounts of money, you might want to check this:

Why most real-estate agents aren't getting rich:

Very troo. At one point back in the early 80’s, 10% of all adults in California had a valid real estate license!

You would not believe the mortgages you'd qualify for -- they're way cheaper what mortgage brokers sell you! If you can get access to rate sheets as a mortgage salesperson, you can really push the mortgage agent around and get a good deal on money for property.

What kind of rates are we talking about here?


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A friend of mine lost his job about 4/5 years ago so he went to school to become a real estate agent. He thought it might be a good way to pay the bills. Well once he got out there was an oversaturation of Real Estate agents and no Real Estate companies would hire him. So he has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and a valid Real Estate license for the State of Arkansas and no job still. He can't get jobs elsewhere because many hiring managers are telling him he is overqualified for the position he is applying for. It also doesn't help that he is near retirement age either. I feel bad for him. His wife had to postpone her retirement from teaching for an additional 5 years to up her amount coming out of the State Teacher's Retirement Fund to cover the expenses after retirement.


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Hello everybody, I know this is a very old thread but I thought I could give this a try. My name is Adam and I'm deaf. I just passed my RE exam last month. I'm looking for other deaf realtors. Doesn't matter where. I'm actually curious how many of us (mainly deaf) are actively buying/selling properties. Could be in Rochester NY, Austin TX, Florida, Cali, etc. I'd love to meet and connect with them. Thanks in advance.


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I know of several RE deaf agents in Texas. You have to really go study for it. You have to pay for the courses and have to have a mentorship and be required to sell a certain amount of houses in a limited time span before being allowed to be on your own and if you fail to do so, you have to start all over again. My sister who is hearing got licensed and everything. She failed to sell any houses and apparently in Texas, RE agents have to pay for the first few houses to be sold then after that they can sell on their own. I do not know how it works in Texas.