Anthropology Culture Project on the Deaf Community


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Feb 25, 2022
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Hello! I'm currently in an Anthropology class where we're learning about various cultures. I have a project where we've been tasked with researching a community of our choice. I was hoping to engage with the deaf community, as ASL is a course I've taken in the past where learning about the deaf community was super interesting and inviting! If there are any tips/sites I should look into, or even someone willing to do interviews/guide me, that would be super helpful. Part of our project is having a key interviewee or personal insight/experiences within the community. I plan to spend time engaging and learning as much as I can about the culture within the deaf community. I look forward to meeting/talking to anyone who's willing to help! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Aug 13, 2019
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Go To to home page scroll down to our world our culture start there maybe scroll down to late onset deafness read a lot then MayBe one will be honest with you :welcome: :ohno: :2c: :redface: