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  1. HeyItsBP

    Nice to meet you all! New signer here, learning about 4 months now.

    Evening everyone! Hope you're all well. I'm Cassandra. I'm 33 years old, hearing, and have been learning ASL via Lifeprint for about 4 months now. I've always had a fascination with other languages; Cantonese, Japanese, and ASL being my top 3 favorites. As a teenager I "studied" Cantonese and...
  2. janefrankel

    Glad to join here

    Hey, I’m Jane Frankel living in the USA.
  3. williamkimbler

    Great feel to be a part here

    Hi all, I'm newbie here. Feel proud to be a member here.
  4. M

    Hi! Newbie HoH here!

    Hi! I am new to not only the forum but the community. I have been HoH all my life due to chronic and misdiagnosed allergies and infections. I have a problem with liquid building up in my ears. I was even born with liquid in my ears and didn't talk for the first four years of my life. About 8...
  5. mmills89

    Hi, my name is melanie! (19f)

    Hi, I'm Melanie. I am a 19 year old hearing girl who is learning ASL in college. I am very new, but very excited to keep learning. I'd love some practice pals, hearing or Deaf, and appreciate any help. Feel free to contact me to practice. (Glide: mmills89 ; Skype: message me)
  6. S


    Hello, i am a new member here and have great day...:hyper: