1. BlackRoseKYT2

    Looking for Friends to Chat with.

    I am looking to find some friends to get retrained into my deaf side, I have been accustomed to speaking and forcing myself to listen that I haven't been able to sign in a long time. I do have a video phone from Sorenson! If you do not have one and you are deaf or HOH it doesn't matter as long...
  2. HeyDeafMan

    I am a deaf entrepreneur, twice awarded by prez obama. let's chat! ama

    Hey all, I'm a Redditor, but would love to become part of the AllDeaf community. I have had a lot of interest and questions from others on my story and wanted to see if anybody here has anything they'd like to know. So my name is Ryan Al-Sharieh. I have a severe progressive hearing loss and am...
  3. HeyDeafMan

    Deaf entrepreneur checking in - come say hello!

    Hi everyone, I've heard lots of amazing things about AllDeaf! So I'm here to join the community :) Here's a little about me: My name's Ryan, and I am 22. I am an entrepreneur with a severe progressive hearing loss. I love being deaf, as it has enabled me to achieve far more than I ever...
  4. HearingGifted

    Will you write a post for my blog as a guest?

    Hi all, I'm currently blogging at www.embracehearingloss.com. I am looking for guest bloggers. Everyone is welcome to write a post. If you identify as deaf, HoH, or a person who does not have hearing loss but lives with someone who is deaf or HoH please feel free to blog in my post. Little by...
  5. HearingGifted

    Introducing myself - alicia castro (hoh)

    Hi all, Thank you for reading my introduction. My name is Alicia Castro, I am HoH. At age 9, I was diagnosed with a bilateral reverse hearing loss. My previous boss is deaf and he tried to teach me sign language. I did not learn much. I know the basic and will try to learn more during my free...