1. Rachel Sage

    Hearing Girl Planning On Going To College For Interpretation.

    Hey guys! I'm new here and wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself. I'm a small-town girl from upstate New York who is working towards becoming an ASL/PSE interpreter. In my town we have a handful of deaf and hard of hearing people that communicate through sign language and I've...
  2. B

    Do You Hear When You Read?

    Hi All, i am a student doing research on inner voices and would really appreciate your help to find answers to certain questions. Many of those without hearing impairments report that they hear an imagined voice when reading and claim that this voice comes from within. Some believe that those...
  3. ChelseaBorgogni

    Hello! I'm Chelsea And I'm Hearning. I Hope To Make Some New Friends.

    Hey. I'm Chelsea. I am hearing but I know ASL due to the fact that my mother is deaf. I live in a community where there is not many deaf people and although I am hearing I prefer to sign so I would love to chat with, or befriend others that are like me or deaf as well.
  4. Niki Metcalf

    19, Hearing, Looking To Learn And Make Friends

    Hi! My name is Niki and I'm new to this site. I'm 19 years old from NY and I am currently taking ASL in college. During the school year the ASL professors I have had are deaf so I was able to learn a lot and practice with them. Since it is the summer and I am back at home it is hard for me to...
  5. AuslanPoro

    Hearing Auslan Student Who Loves Gaming.

    Hi Fam! :bye: I am learning Australian Sign Language, and am slightly in love with it. Just saying hi! I'm a huge gamer, so feel free to get in touch with me if you are too. Steam - AV_K47 Battle.net - SharkWeek#1977 OCE League of Legends - BaconPoroDeluxe Auslan Deaf Summoners Club -...
  6. Navisayshey

    New! Hearing And Looking To Learn :)

    I'm a hearing person that has just recently started learning ASL and am looking to make new friends and to help improve my signing
  7. J

    Soda Learning Asl At 26

    Hi everyone! My name is Jesse (hearing) and I have a 23 y/o brother who was born deaf, got a cochlear at age 3 and uses ASL and voice. I never learned ASL growing up even though my mom, dad, and sister all know ASL to varying degrees and my mom is the director of a nonprofit community service...
  8. N

    20, Hearing Female

    Hello, i'm hearing, my boyfriend is Deaf im just looking for more friend's outside of him and his friend's
  9. Olivia Twidwell

    Willing To Tolerate A Hearing Asl Student?

    Hi there! My name is Olivia and I've been learning ASL for almost four months now. I'm finishing up ASL 1 in about three weeks and I would really love to meet people who are fluent or experienced signers who would be willing to tolerate my signing. My professor is Deaf and told me the best way...
  10. Emiley

    Hello! :d

    My name is Emiley. I'm going to college to be a ASL interpreter, and hopefully a polyglot! I'm hearing but know enough ASL to have a fluent conversation! Still learning on this incredible journey! :)
  11. L

    Research For A Writing Project

    I'm a writer by nature and my mind asks questions. Then I need to answer them in the form of story, so I'm hoping I can find someone who will help me. Someone who won't mind answering questions, so that I get this right for not just me. Here's the basics of what I have: My main character is...
  12. michelle privette

    Slowly Losing Hearing...

    Hi everyone my name is Michelle! I am 18 and double majoring in music performance and education. My goal is to become a professor. However, I am slowly loosing my hearing so I don't know what to do. I can hear fine one on one while the person is looking at me, but it comes extremely hard to hear...
  13. languageautodidact

    Help With Asl

    I'm in ASL I, so sadly my signing is poor and choppy, but I'm very passionate about it. I'm 17 and hearing and in class we're signing songs. I really wanted a challenge so I obviously chose a challenging song and I wanted some help learning how to sign it. But I'd like to have someone I can talk...
  14. languageautodidact

    Hearing Language Learner(:

    Hi, I'm Brittany. I teach myself languages, but I'm also taking ASL in school. I love learning about the Deaf culture and learning how to sign. I am looking for Deaf or HOH friends and people who might be able to help me learn and grow in ASL and help improve my knowledge of Deaf culture.
  15. Amelia-grace

    Hearing Girl Looking For Cool New Friends

    I really want to make some cool new friends! Preferably 16-20 years old. I'm just starting to learn ASL and I'm a quick learner but hopefully you could be patient with me lol. :)
  16. L

    Hearing Person Looking For Other Learning/hoh/deaf Friends :)

    Hey guys! I'm new hear but I'd love to jump in and start learning more ASL along with my prior self-taught knowledge. If anyone is willing to help me learn then feel free to message me. :)
  17. Cecile


    Hi, everyone! I'm a hearing woman in TN, and I've been reading through a bunch of the forums for the past few days and decided to finally register. I'm a writer and doing a round of edits on my middle grade fantasy where the main character is Deaf so I'm trying to get some better perspectives...
  18. Hex

    New Looking For Friends

    New here looking to make friends
  19. fionaahamilton

    Can Somebody Please Give Me A Name Sign?

    Hello, my name is Fiona! I am hearing and I know I'm probably not supposed to be in here, but I'm very interested in the deaf community! I do know sign language, but I need a name sign. The rule is a deaf individual has to grant you a name sign so I was hoping somebody on this site could give me...
  20. zeldacat

    Hearing girl looking for deaf friends

    Recently my 4 year old daughter and I have become increasingly interested in ASL and deaf culture. I'm not sure what it is, but I find deaf strangely beautiful and am super ready to dive in to learning ASL. I have never met anyone who is deaf before so I thought I would reach out via the...